S'pore TikToker's wife's intimate photos leaked, sparking ruckus over who's responsible

TikTok drama again...

Ethan Ong | April 30, 2023, 10:29 AM

While incessantly scrolling on TikTok, you may have seen this TikToker, Wong Ying Sheng Tommy, better known as Guo Lai, on your For You page.

Wong, whose early content focused on performing popular dances on TikTok, has recently been going viral for the wrong reasons.

To begin with, he's been identified as a road-raging food delivery rider from a video that first circulated in 2022.

More seriously however, there are claims that his wife's nudes were leaked on messaging app Telegram, and that he was responsible.

Wong has denied the allegations, however.

Wong's wife, Eileen Chan, is often referred to as "Josephine", a nickname given by netizens who find her to have a resemblance to a short-haired Singapore politician with that name.

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How did this start?

About a week ago a TikTok content creator known as Popo (famed for his S$2 biryani) began to post about the leaked photos.

A number of those videos have since been taken down, however.

From those initial videos, many netizens began to theorise how the intimate photos were leaked online, and questioned who took them in the first place.

The screenshot above is from one of the first videos made by Popo.

In that video, Popo claimed Wong was the one who took the pictures.

His reasoning was that in the photos, Chan did not appear to be aware that she was being photographed.

At that point in time, there was no concrete proof of that claim.

It was only a few days later, in the course of a heated TikTok Live debate between Wong, Popo, and a few other TikTok users, that Wong himself admitted that he was the one who took the photos of his wife.

In the now-deleted video, Wong admits he took the photos, but pointed out they were taken with Chan's consent.

Wong made it very clear to the users on the live, saying "I took the picture, I got her consent!"

Recorded snippets of Popo's and Wong's heated online interaction, reposted by various TikTok users, drew more eyes to this drama.

Now, knowing for a fact that Wong took the pictures, people really wanted to know how the photos ended up online.

Wong claims he lost his phone on Mar. 27, and says that is how the images of his wife were leaked.

The question then arose: Why did he even take them in the first place?

This was posed to Wong in another TikTok Live session.

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The short clip may not provide the full context, but a possible interpretation of what Wong meant is that he was scared his wife would suddenly pass away, and that he feared he would have nothing intimate to remember her by.

This feeling was heightened by the passing of his mother,  which he said made him feel "very sad".

You might think this explanation by Wong would have put netizens' concerns to rest.

But it did not, and some online users even started to claim that what Wong said may have been untruthful.

Responding to one of Popo's videos, a commenter claimed that the photos were leaked on Mar. 11.

This did not add up with Wong's statement that he lost his phone on Mar. 27.

This claim caught the attention of Popo and he did not hesitate to fire shots in Wong's direction.

Most TikTok users were understandably hesitant to say they saw the photos. But some claimed to have heard about the photos from others before Mar. 27.

Popo, not believing that the photos were only spread after Wong lost his phone, came up with some theories about what actually happened.

  1. "Someone else used his phone when he didn't know."
  2. "The pictures were accidentally send to the wrong person."
  3. "He was manipulated into doing so."

But why are people so invested in this story?

There's a reason why some seem extra invested in this particular online drama: Wong is a relatively well known and relatively controversial character on the internet.


You've probably come across countless advertisements promoting probiotic drink, Yoyic (If you're curious about whether it's legit, and what happens if you actually order, read this).

Wong has gained quite a lot of popularity — or notoriety, if you will — from promoting this drink, with one of his many videos reaching more than 400,000 views.

@wongyingshengtommy Everyone wants my #whitewhitedrink #yoyic ♬ original sound - Guo Lai 过来

He's made similar videos promoting Yoyic on other channels, and his videos have started to attract copycat videos (or, parodies, depending on how you look at it).

Why is Wong so popular just for promoting a random beverage?

Well, this could be due to his unique way of marketing the product.

He consistently applies the same approach across all his promotional videos.

Wong also employs a catchphrase, repeating it so often that it has basically become his brand as an online persona:

"Do you want my white white drink?"

Uncle Raymond's intern

Even if you do not recognise Wong from his "white white drink" maybe you have seen him here.

@raymondl88 Thanks for meeting. Be happy. Let’s move. #uncleraymond #fyp #tiktoksg🇸🇬 @Alvina Lim ❤️❤️❤️ @Hairy Ted @Alpha @GUO LAI 过来 ♬ cupid - bae

In this video Wong (in red) and his wife (in black) are standing beside Uncle Raymond.

Uncle Raymond may not be as popular as he was a few months back, when he first started dancing all over Singapore and gained popularity for dancing in public.

Many have tried to recreate his videos, as if those specific dance moves were a formula to success. Some even went to the extent of following him around to dance at random locations.

Wong and his wife were of the few who were consistently part of this group, and it was not long before the internet crowned them "Uncle Raymond interns".

Where do we go from here

For those who were looking for an answer to what happens next, sorry to disappoint — there has yet to be any conclusion on this drama.

It's still not clear how the compromising photos were spread, as there has yet to be any concrete evidence proving anyone's guilt (or innocence).

Many are claiming that the police are involved, or that police reports have been made.

For example, this TikTok Live snippet shows Wong at a police station.

@popodracula Part 1 #fyp #tiktoksg #popo #guolai ♬ original sound - popodracula

Another clip (presumably from the same TikTok Live) shows Wong speaking to an officer.

However, it's not clear whether any reports were made.

An Apr. 27 TikTok post by Popo on the other hand, has him showing what seems to be a printed police report.

@popodracula PUBLIC APOLOGY #fyp #tiktoksg #popo #guolai ♬ original sound - popodracula

This is the clearest evidence yet that a police report has been filed regarding this issue, against Wong.

Chan not holding it against Wong

At least one part of the whole situation seems to be fully resolved though — the part between Chan and Wong.

A TikTok Live recording posted on Apr. 27 captures Chan saying she knows the photos were leaked, that she doesn't care, and that she doesn't blame Guo Lai as she does not think he leaked the photos.

Top image via @wongyingshengtommy, and @ahmeowsiaoliao on TikTok