GetGo car apparently going 50km/h in Punggol car park crashes into car, causing chain collision

A tad too fast?

Gawain Pek | April 21, 2023, 10:04 AM

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A GetGo driver, who was apparently travelling at 50km/h in a car park in Punggol, wound up crashing into parked cars, shifting them out of place and causing a chain collision.

Footage of the accident's aftermath were shared in two separate clips by TikTok user @thecrushtheory on Apr. 18, whose car was involved in the accident.

Heard loud bang and car alarms

Speaking to Mothership, @thecrushtheory, who goes by the name Shirin, shared that the incident took place at the Block 175 Edgefield Plains car park on Apr. 18 at around 11:50pm.

"I stay near the car park. As I finished cleaning my house for Hari Raya celebrations, I heard a loud bang followed by car alarms," the user recounted.

Her husband went to the car park to check on the commotion and returned to inform her that their car had been involved in an accident.

When Shirin herself went to the car park, a few residents had already gathered.

In her first TikTok video, two parked cars could be seen with damaged front bumpers and wheel guards.

Gif via @thecrushtheory/TikTok.

A GetGo rental car was seen stopped opposite the damaged cars.

Gif via @thecrushtheory/TikTok.

Photos shared with Mothership revealed the full extent of the damage caused by the accident.

Photo courtesy of Shirin.

Photo courtesy of Shirin.

Photo courtesy of Shirin.

A total of four cars were involved, according to Shirin.

The collision occurred with enough force to shift the vehicles out of place.

Describing the aftermath, Shirin said the GetGo car had struck her red Kia first, which was shifted by the impact and struck an adjacent Mitsubishi.

The impact also shifted the Mitsubishi, causing it to strike a company van beside it.

Photo courtesy of Shirin.

Driver going 50km/h

The whole hullabaloo dragged on late into the night.

According to Shirin, the driver of the GetGo car was a 23-year-old.

He had apparently told Shirin that he was going "around 50km/h".

"50km/h is fast inside a car park," Shirin opined.

She shared that the young driver "did not apologise".

"End up his dad came down and profusely apologised," Shirin said.

At around 4:50am on Apr. 19, Shirin's car was towed.

Based on the captions in her second TikTok video, the owners of the other involved vehicles were not present at the scene.

"The owners of the cars beside me are going to have a morning surprise," she quipped.

A GetGo representative arrived at 7am to meet with Shirin about the incident.

"So, all in all my day is wasted like that. No more Raya mood," she lamented.

@thecrushtheory Nearing raya wtf moment! Some boy crash hit my car . Part 1 #fypシ゚viral #foryou #singapore #fypシ #foryoupage #penyondoliseverywhere ♬ original sound - The Crush Theory

@thecrushtheory Finally towed at 450am. What a night! Want to tow also difficult, the tyre jam. The owner of the cars beside me are gona hv a morning surprise… #fypシ゚viral #foryou #singapore #foryoupage #fyp #fypシ ♬ original sound - The Crush Theory

Other users wag fingers

TikTok users pointed out in the comments section that rental cars have seen a high incidence of traffic mishaps lately.

Screenshot via @thecrushtheory/TikTok.

Some suggested it is because those behind the wheel are often inexperienced drivers:

Screenshot via @thecrushtheory/TikTok.

Screenshot via @thecrushtheory/TikTok.

Others, including Shirin, suggested that the drivers might be rushing for time, which adds on to the risk of accidents:

Screenshot via @thecrushtheory/TikTok.

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