Sin Ming condo resident scolds security guard for wheel clamping his BMW: 'Do you know how many units I have here?'

"I have more than two units here!"

Belmont Lay | April 09, 2023, 07:30 PM

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A man, who drives a BMW, was seen on video berating a security officer in a condominium in Singapore after his car was wheel clamped for allegedly parking improperly in the compound.

The incident, which took place on April 3 afternoon, was reported by Shin Min Daily News.

The condominium was reported to be located in Sin Ming Road.

The man who berated the security officer reportedly also took a video and uploaded it to the condominium residents' group chat.

A female resident then forwarded the video to Shin Min.

What video showed

According to the video, the male resident involved kept demanding the security guard to unlock the wheel clamp from his BMW.

The resident did so while pointing at the security officer and cursing.

A direct translation of Shin Min's quote of what the man said to the security guard, read: "My son gets out of school at 1:30pm, and because of people like you, I can't fetch my son. It's your interest to embarrass others!"

Asked security guard to guess how many units he has

The male resident could also be heard questioning the security guard why he wheel clamped his BMW.

The security guard explained that the male resident had parked improperly the day before.

At this point, the male resident interrupted the security guard's explanation and asked, "Do you know how many units I have here?"

Subsequently, when the security guard could not answer, the male resident responded: "I have more than two units here!"

As it was raining at that time, the security guard asked the male resident to go to a sheltered place to talk, but the male resident said: "Since you all like to make things difficult for others so much, just get sick, as you are poor, and like to die."

Other residents condemn actions

The female resident who shared the clip said that after the male resident uploaded the video to the group, other residents condemned him for his bad attitude.

The female resident also said: "In fact, many of us feel that the security guard is just doing his job, and the male resident really doesn't need to speak ill of others."

The male resident reportedly lodged a police report following the incident.

The police said they received a report at about 1:10pm on Monday and have since advised both parties to resolve the civil matter among themselves.

No one was injured in the accident, the police said.

The Union of Security Employees (USE) has since shared on Facebook that it is getting in touch with the security officer and will help him lodge a police report.

USE wrote: "USE is appalled to learn of yet another incident of an officer being abused whilst performing his duty."

"USE strongly condemns any acts of abuses against our officers. Security officers play an important role in securing lives and property. They should never be abused for performing their tasks."

Top photos via Shin Min Daily News