After Charles & Keith modelling gig, S'pore teen, 17, now creating content with AirAsia

Hope they fly better than they dance.

Tan Min-Wei | March 18, 2023, 06:28 PM

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Everyone's favorite inadvertent bag model Zoe Gabriel keeps going from strength to strength, appearing in content for yet another brand.

Bagged an advertising campaign

Zoe, as she is often referred to, went viral when she excitedly unveiled a Charles & Keith handbag, sharing that it was her first luxury bag.

This sparked a flurry of debate as to whether her bag was really a luxury bag, whether Charles & Keith is really a luxury brand, and whether Singaporeans were too brand obsessed.

The debate even made its way to parliament.

Now, she's made an appearance in a recent TikTok video by AirAsia:

@flyairasia Dare to dream with @zoe 🦋 ♬ original sound - smokinaftereat

Standing at the front of the passenger cabin of an AirAsia plane, she dances along with a backing crew of AirAsia pilots and staff who make a valiant attempt.

In another post, she is also seen in an AirAsia cabin attendant's uniform, dancing on the roof of a building.

@flyairasia*Domestic: all-in from RM23. Asean: all-in from RM60. Includes airport taxes, MAVCOM fee, fuel surcharges and other applicable fees. T&C apply.♬ i think he knows sped up - r & m &lt33

Neither AirAsia nor Zoe have officially announced any further details, but they may have thought it an apt collaboration as the budget carrier makes the luxury of air travel affordable.

Big projects

She had earlier teased this collaboration in an earlier Tik Tok video, sharing that she was working on a "really big and exciting project" soon.

@zohtacomy birthday is april 30!! happy guessin’ 😉♬ original sound - zoe 🦋

Now that the cat's out of the bag, it seems that she's managed to turn the furore over her bag purchase into several opportunities for herself, with this collaboration coming on the heels of a shoot she did with Charles and Keith for International Women's Day.

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Top image via @flyairasia/TikTok