Taiwanese primary school students invent 'automated prawn deshelling device'

Tag that person in your life who you always have to peel prawns for because they're too lazy to do so themselves.

Lean Jinghui | March 13, 2023, 03:26 PM

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If you're someone who enjoys prawns, but hates deshelling them, here's something to get excited about.

"Automated prawn deshelling device"

According to Taiwanese news broadcaster TVBS News, an "automated prawn deshelling device" was recently invented by a group of primary school students from Hsinchu, Taiwan.

The trio had designed the device under the supervision and guidance of their teacher.

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How it works:

First, the head of the prawn is removed before feeding it into the contraption.

Screenshot via TVBS News YouTube

The prawn is then churned back out with the shell neatly detached, and its innards removed.

Screenshot via TVBS News YouTube

All that needs to be done is simply to remove the shell from the prawn body.

Screenshot via TVBS News YouTube

Voila, a deshelled prawn to be enjoyed.

Screenshot via TVBS News YouTube

Inspired by a personal aversion to peeling prawns

In the interview, one of the students candidly shared that the inspiration behind the useful contraption came from a personal aversion to peeling prawns.

"I don't like to peel prawns, and then I noticed that many physically disabled individuals aren't even able to do so. I hope that the device will be able to help them, and many others to save time and energy."

The students hoped that the device can also help children and the elderly who have trouble deshelling prawns.

Made using a 3D printer

Using a 3D printer and with the support of their teacher, their vision was brought to life.

Screenshot via TVBS News YouTube

The group had tried and failed a total of seven times, before coming up with a feasible design that could be successfully constructed.

Screenshot via TVBS News YouTube

"Inventions often arise out of mankind's laziness to do something, and they make life better for everyone," their teacher added.

Top images via TVBS YouTube