S'pore woman helps reunite 8-year-old kid lost in Paya Lebar with her parents

Faith in humanity restored.

Lean Jinghui | March 09, 2023, 04:05 PM

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We've all probably had the experience of accidentally missing our bus stop, and being forced to alight at an unfamiliar one instead.

This is usually easily resolved with Google Maps as an adult, but what happens if you're a kid?

One Mothership reader, Grace, wrote in to share how a good Samaritan in Singapore helped to reunite her and her daughter, when the latter fell asleep on the bus while on the way home, and found herself at a completely different location.

Grace elaborated: "Luckily, this lady helped my daughter, and waited for us until we could fetch her from our work."

Daughter fell asleep and missed bus stop

Speaking to Mothership, Grace explained that her daughter, 8, has been taking the bus home on her own after school for some time.

This journey home normally takes 40 minutes and runs from Tampines to Bedok bus interchange.

Having only recently moved from the Philippines to Singapore a year ago, Grace shared that she had been unable to locate a place for her daughter at a nearby school in Bedok in time.

As a result, while the family lives in Bedok, their daughter was enrolled in a primary school at Tampines instead.

As Grace and her husband often have to work till late, they had decided to teach their daughter to take the bus home from school.

However, while taking the usual route home yesterday (Mar. 8), Grace's daughter had apparently fallen asleep and missed her stop.

By the time she woke up and realised what had happened, she was already at Paya Lebar.

Good Samaritan seated beside her helps to contact parents

At this point, disoriented and confused, Grace's daughter had gotten very anxious.

Luckily, the lady seated beside noticed the girl's anxiety, and offered to help her find her way home.

The woman asked Grace's daughter for her parents' contact details, and helped to reach out to Grace and her husband.

That was when they had received the call that their daughter had gotten lost and ended up at Paya Lebar.

Grace added that the woman had even patiently accompanied their daughter the whole time, until the couple was able to rush down to Paya Lebar about an hour later.

While waiting, the good Samaritan had even treated their daughter to a cake, as well as snacks, so that their daughter was kept occupied.

Helping a fellow mum out

Grace said that the woman shared that she too was a mother. As a result, she understood how it might have felt for Grace as a fellow mother, to not know her kid's whereabouts.

Grace shared: "I'm very touched by her kindness. She saved my daughter from being lost. I can't thank her enough for it."

From left to right: the kind stranger, Grace's daughter, and Grace. Image via Grace

Grace elaborated that this was especially so with the incident taking place during "rush hour", with most people probably just rushing to head back home.

"She was very helpful and patient with my daughter.

I would definitely say Singapore is very safe and people are very helpful. I couldn't imagine if she [my daughter] had happened to stop somewhere else instead."

Reunited with the family. Image via Grace

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