Cat in Taiwan does vocals & busks with singer during love song inspired by cats

Meow meow meow meow meow.

Gawain Pek | March 19, 2023, 06:04 PM

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A street-performing cat in Taiwan has won over the internet and local media with its singing talent.

In a clip posted to TikTok by user @0110maojian, the feline was featured performing a duet of a popular Mandarin love song.

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Perfect duet

For context, the love song being performed in the clip features a hook that plays on the onomatopoeia of the sound a cat makes.

The onomatopoeia repeats at the end of several lines in the song.

The first line of the song roughly translates to, "We can learn to meow like cats, we go meow meow meow meow meow."

The cat was given one job during the performance: to sing the last "meow" at the end of these lines in the first verse.

The singer sang the first line and the first four "meows", before passing the stage to the cat.

For its time in the spotlight, another performer excitedly brings the cat up to the microphone.

After a very brief pause, as if needing just a split second to remember what the next word should be, the cat lets out a "meow".

The crowd behind the camera erupted in laughter, and the performer carrying the cat lept around in ecstacy.

Gif via @0110cat/Instagram.

Even the singer himself could not help but chuckle.

The duet continued, and the cat was brought up to the microphone again for its next line.

This time, the cat's timing improved, and it let out a second "meow" without missing too much of a beat.

The singer continued with the duet, and the cat had one last line to sing.

This final time, the cat would sound more confident with its vocals.

As its line neared, the cat was brought to the microphone for the final time.

It let out its last and perhaps most melodic "meow", which drew the verse to a perfect close and ending the cat's part on a high.

Gif via @0110cat/Instagram.

Hear the cat sing and watch the full performance here:

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Commenters swoon over cat's talent

Across TikTok and Instagram, the cat's stellar performance won high praises from commenters.

One complimented the vocal abilities of the cat.

One user asked, "When is the next time the cat will be performing?"

"The cat is so sporting," another user quipped.

One user praised both the cat and the singer, saying, "vocals are good, the cat is also very cute."

Cat was adopted by one of the performers

The biography of the TikTok account where the video was uploaded to reads, "the pride of Hualien county's Hakka people", which suggests that the cat and the performers hail from Taiwan.

According to its Instagram page @0110cat, the cat's name is "肥牛" (which means fat cow in English).

It is transliterated as "Fat new", according to the Instagram page.

Fat new is the pet of one of the street performers.

Fat new's owner detailed the cat's past and their relationship in an Instagram story after the clip of their performance went viral:

The caption reads:

"At first the running joke was me asking if anyone wanted to come to my place to see my cat. Overnight, the tables have turned, and people are now asking if they can come over to visit my cat. Fat new is not my prop, but a source of comfort. Fat new was abandoned in the past, but after continued tender loving care, it is now comfortable around people. I did not train Fat new, but just showered it with love. I'll bring Fat new out later to meet everyone."

Here are more photos of Fat new to warm your heart:

Image via @0110cat/Instagram

Image via @0110cat/Instagram.

Image via @0110cat/Instagram.

Top image via @0110maojian/TikTok, @0110cat/Instagram