Couple spends S$70,000 to transform 5-room Sengkang HDB flat into 'Raffles Hotel'

It was where they got married in 2021.

Daniel Seow | March 22, 2023, 07:17 PM

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When one thinks of a HDB flat in Sengkang, you might get some "heartland" vibes.

Yet one couple did something drastically different when they spent S$70,000 to renovate their 5-room HDB flat in Sengkang and turn it into a luxurious space resembling Raffles Hotel.

While not an exact replica, the interior of their home draws inspiration from the colonial aesthetic of the iconic hotel, with its white walls and dark wood floors, Victorian-style wall panelling and retro light fixtures (called sconces).

Not bad, considering a single night at the actual Raffles Hotel would set you back at least S$1,300.

The kitchen and dining area - via Fifth Avenue Interior.

Speaking to home and living digital magazine Uchify, homeowners Arielle and Nandeesh explained that they were married at Raffles Hotel a couple of years ago, and loved the venue so much that they wanted to recreate the experience in their own HDB flat.

They told their interior designer, Danny, "We want to live in Raffles Hotel".

Aside from the Raffles Hotel aesthetic, the couple included their own twist in their home renovations.

This came in the form of Indochine and Peranakan design influences, which serve to make the house look more modern, as well as nods to historical black-and-white colonial bungalows.

The living room contains a built-in library - via Fifth Avenue Interior.

Their favourite part of the house is the built-in library, where they love hanging out to watch TV, listen to records or read.

“It has a really cosy vibe," they shared.

Their efforts to capture the hotel's aesthetic can also be seen in the study area, where French doors open onto a formal sitting desk that is accompanied by a classic leather chair.

The study area - via Fifth Avenue Interior.

Similarly, the bathroom features minimalistic white cabinets, with mosaic-patterned tiles inspired by the en suite bathrooms at Raffles Hotel.

The bathroom had a mosaic pattern inspired by en suite bathrooms in Raffles Hotel - via Fifth Avenue Interior.

According to the interior designer, the kitchen was the part of the flat that required the most effort, largely because its marble flooring is made up of three different types of tiles.

The kitchen's marble flooring is made up of three different types of tiles - via Fifth Avenue Interior.

While the couple overshot their initial renovation budget of S$50,000, they had no regrets.

“It was worth it!” they said once they saw the finished work, which cost them S$70,000.

Netizens impressed

On TikTok, Uchify's post featuring the charming aesthetic of the flat drew positive comments from netizens.

Many expressed that S$70,000 is actually a reasonable price.

Others, however, had more practical concerns about cleaning the space.

Lastly, a few commenters were so impressed that they expressed their interest to stay there. Almost like...a hotel room?

Fair enough. This impressive piece of renovation work made this writer question his stereotypes about HDB flats as well.

Top image courtesy of Fifth Avenue Interior.