SBS Transit launches buses that indicate blind spots for motorists, cyclists to avoid

Useful if youre riding or driving on the road.

Joshua Lee | March 28, 2023, 06:10 PM

If you're not a bus driver, you would most probably be unfamiliar with a bus' blind spots.

This can be very dangerous if you're a motorcylist or cyclist travelling on the road.

Take a look at these two motorcycles at the side of a bus:

From the bus driver's seat, the motorcycle in front is virtually undetectable:

The bus driver won't be able to spot the motorcycle in front because it is in the bus' blind spot.

Even more so if a bicycle, which is smaller than a motorcycle, ends up in the blind spot.

It's dangerous and can lead to misunderstandings on the road.

To raise awareness about this, SBS Transit has launched 15 buses with special designs that indicate their blind spots on the sides, so that motorists and cyclists on the road can avoid them.

One of the blind spots, seen on a demonstration bus at Toa Payoh Hub.

"While we continually invest in training and technology to help our bus captains be safe drivers, we also view it as key to reach out to fellow road users to make travel safe and plesant for our passengers," said SBS Transit Group Chief CEO Jeffrey Sim.

Launched as part of SBS Transit's "Be Safe, Be Seen" campaign, these 15 buses also carry safety reminders for pedestrians and commuters.

They will ply six bus routes: 46, 53, 73, 185, 238, and 852 for three months.

All images by Joshua Lee.