PMA user in Canberra keeps pressing lift door button to stop another person from going down

Carl's a patient parent.

Belmont Lay | March 19, 2023, 04:42 PM

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If the "Tell me you're petty without telling me you're petty" challenge had to find a winner in Singapore this mid-March, there was a standout champion in Canberra.

In a TikTok just before the weekend, a personal mobility aid user was seen in the vicinity of Canberra Plaza repeatedly pressing the lift door button to prevent another person already inside from closing the doors and heading down.

@keckyokeii dh tua pun nak gaduh pasal lift 🤣🤣 orng yang tunngu 😭😭#xyzbca #funnymoments #viraltiktok #fypシ ♬ Funny Laugh no no no - Sound Effect

Although devoid of context, the 10-second video was easy to parse: The incident likely arose after the PMA user did not agree to the other elevator passenger riding in it ahead of him.

Within the span of 10 seconds, the PMA user pressed the lift door button twice to stop it from closing fully.

Is the person in lift able-bodied?

What was unclear though was whether the person in the lift was able-bodied, as some commenters have assumed.

It appears that the man in the lift and the PMA user are of the same height, suggesting that both of them were riding on their own mobility devices.

This could also explain why the lift was not big enough to accommodate both mobility aid users at the same time, rendering the dispute not between an able-bodied person and a PMA user.

Moreover, the person in the lift had his back to the entrance, suggesting that he likely rode bonnet first into the lift.


Reactions to the video were both supportive and critical of the PMA user.

Many found the situation humorous and the PMA user holding up the lift petty.

Among those who supported the PMA user, they said they would be just as petty when in a similar situation.

Those critical of the PMA user said waiting for the next lift would probably take a much shorter time than holding up the lift repeatedly.

Other commenters highlighted that if the person in the lift was able-bodied, it would have been good form to give way to those who need to use the lift more.

But this was also bearing in mind that not all disabilities are visible.

The issue of whether the lift is indeed not big enough for two people was also highlighted.

Those who argued for utility said the lift should be used as much as possible by all and sundry since it was already built using public funds.

A substantial number of comments also said they most identified with the man wearing a t-shirt with the word "Carl" on his back and who had a stroller with him.

Besides praising his patience, they thought that Carl was thinking: "Shouldn't have moved this close to Yishun."

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