Monkey at Botanic Gardens steals girl's antidepressant med, eats 2 pills & throws the rest on ground

Even monkeys need help sometimes.

Hannah Martens | March 01, 2023, 05:02 PM

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The monkeys in Singapore have been leading exciting lives.

However, the most absurd incident has just happened to Chloe, who took to Twitter to describe the "most absurd thing".

Speaking to Mothership, Chloe shared that she was at the Singapore Botanic Gardens around 2pm on Feb. 23, 2023. She decided to head to the park to read after her appointment with her psychiatrist.

She had bought herself a mint ice cream and sat on a bench when she spotted a monkey nearby.

When she left to throw litter away, the monkey struck.

Monkey heist

Chloe said there was a little hole that she left between the two zips on her backpack.

The monkey dug in and bolted with her Prozac up a tree.

Prozac is an oral antidepressant medicine that may improve moods, sleep, appetite, and energy level and may help restore interest in daily living, according to WebMD.

Chole said there were five strips of Prozac tied together with a rubber band in a plastic medicine bag with her prescription details on it.

The monkey apparently ripped off the medicine bag and threw it down, then threw down four of the five strips of Prozac.

The monkey then ate two pills from the last remaining strip.

A few tourists nearby started to take pictures of the incident, and children from a German family were shouting and throwing things at the monkey, Chloe said.

Before she could call NParks or the park hotline, the monkey already ate the pills, so she decided to wait for it to drop the strip.

Once the monkey dropped the last strip to the ground, Chloe went to the visitor's service booth to report the incident.

The staff shared that they had never encountered anything like that before.

"One of the crazier things that have happened"

When asked how she felt about the whole situation, Chloe said she was in absolute disbelief.

"The whole thing felt strange but incredibly funny too."

She also said in a tweet that she "never felt more solidarity [with] white [people], out of body experience while a German family and an Australian couple were taunting the monkey with leaves while other bunches of white people were shouting and taking pictures".

"[It] was just something I didn't expect to be within the reasonable range of human experiences... Just absurdity in general," Chloe said.

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