Miniature Hermès bag charm up for grabs at over S$5,000 in KL luxury consignment store

Fashion over function.

Ilyda Chua | March 18, 2023, 11:20 AM

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If, like 99 per cent of the population, you find a regular-sized Hermès Kelly bag somewhat out of reach, here's an alternative.

Photo via @theluxfind/IG

The pint-sized bag is fully functional, despite being a mere 5.5cm high, 6.5cm wide and 2cm deep.

And it's available in new and unused condition at a Kuala Lumpur luxury consignment store for a cool RM17,500 (S$5,200). It originally retailed for US$3,000 (S$4,025), direct from Hermès.

Hefty, but still a great deal more affordable than its full-sized counterpart, for which prices start from around US$9,500 (S$12,745).

Luxury in the palm of your hand

Undersized bags have won the hearts of many in the A-Lister crowd.

Celebrities like Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, and Lizzo have all sported tiny bags — particularly the last, who brought a Valentino bag to the 2019 American Music Awards that she proclaimed to be "big enough for my f**ks to give".

Photo via @lizzobeeating/IG

On social media, users have also posted about the various ways in which they've purposed the bag charm: to contain pieces of jewellery, AirPods (without the case), and small change.

If you're hoping to recreate the look, the Hermès bag charm appears to still be up for grabs from the store in KL.

And while it's no longer available on the official Hermès store, you might perhaps like to consider this even tinier (albeit non-functional) Kelly-shaped scarf ring:

Photo via Hermès website

Top image via @theluxfind on IG and @maison_wristaficionado/IG.