Japanese man, 37, takes revenge on wife, 41, by playing sex video of her affair at stepdaughter's wedding

He said it was a "special wedding gift".

Kerr Puay Hian | March 24, 2023, 07:38 AM

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On the day of her marriage, Momoka, a 20-year-old Japanese woman, received a “special wedding gift” from her stepfather, Yuta.

"Special wedding gift"

During the ceremony, the emcee announced that Yuta, 37, had prepared a surprise for her and asked the guests to look at the screen in the wedding hall.

However, Momoka’s elation quickly became shock and despair when it became clear that the video on-screen was of her mother, Hiroko, having sex with another man.

Yuta then took over the microphone and, with a cold look, said, “These two betrayed me and had an affair.”

It turned out that the man in the video was Hiroko’s ex-husband Satoshi, who was also Momoko’s biological father. He was at the wedding and fled when he saw the video.

Momoka broke down in tears and wailed, ”My mother ruined my wedding!”

Affair with ex-husband

Hiroko recounted her tale to the Japanese magazine An An.

She said it all started when her daughter decided to get married.

“We wanted to invite my ex-husband to attend her wedding as her biological father, and we met at my house. It had been years since we last talked, and memories of our past happiness flooded my mind,” Hiroko said.

She recalled they left each other in tears when they had to divorce due to the debts they were riddled with when his business failed.

Ex-husband was remarried too

“We didn’t break up because I didn’t like him. Now that he has become a successful man again, my love for him reignited, and I initiated the affair,” Hiroko confessed.

She said it was a “W affair” (W sounds like the loanword “double” in Japanese) as her ex-husband was also remarried.

“It would be disastrous for both families if our affair were discovered, so we were extra careful. We didn’t leave behind evidence in the form of text messages or photos, and we always met up in my house using our daughter’s marriage as an excuse."

“My husband was always out for work, and my daughter moved out to live with her boyfriend, so it was convenient.”

Ex-husband dumped her when husband smelled something wrong

She said the affair continued for a few months — and it was exhilarating — until her husband suspected something was wrong.

“He suddenly said I was acting weird and took my phone to check through my messages. He didn’t have concrete proof, but I decided to tell my ex-husband about it,” Hiroko said.

She felt they could continue their affair as long as they were more careful about it, but her ex-husband disagreed.

Her ex-husband thought it was “the right time” to end their affair, as their daughter’s marriage was happening soon.

“He pushed me away coldly and reminded me that I had a husband and what happened was a mere distraction from our lives,” Hiroko lamented.

"He said that since we were divorced, he would never love me again"

Paid the price for her infidelity

Although she was heartbroken once again, Hiroko thought her life would return to normal since the affair was over, even though she noticed the atmosphere at home had changed.

“I should have thought of it when my husband said he prepared a surprise, as his relationship with my daughter wasn’t especially good. But it was unthinkable that he had chosen to do so on our daughter’s wedding day.”

She has since paid the price for her infidelity.

“My daughter disowned me. My husband kicked me out of the house and made me pay alimony after our divorce. Every day I have to move from hotel to hotel, and it’s difficult to find a job in such times.” Hiroko said with regret. “You reap what you sow.”

Top image via  Anthony Tran on Unsplash