Man chases woman & attacks drivers at Selegie Road on Mar. 19

The man reached into an onlooker's car to try to snatch her phone while she was filming the altercation.

Ruth Chai | March 20, 2023, 12:36 PM

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A physical altercation involving a man, three women and onlookers occurred on Selegie Road during the wee hours of the morning on Mar. 19.

The police told Mothership that they received a call for assistance at the junction of Sungei Road and Serangoon Road at about 6am.

Footage of the incident was posted onto SG Road Vigilante's Facebook page, and quickly went viral.

In one of the clips, a stationary silver BMW M4 can be seen at the mouth of the junction, doors ajar.

Different clips of the incident showed a man in a green T-shirt and bleached hair behaving violently towards onlooking drivers.

The three women attempted to hold the man back from his violent outbursts, pleading with him to "stop it".

The man ran towards the front windows of the car, threatening other drivers as the women attempted to pull him away from other cars.

Reached into an onlooker's car, tussle ensues

In another clip of the incident, the man can be seen chasing one of the women when he realised that an onlooker was filming him.

He stormed up to the onlooker's car, shouting furiously and unintelligibly. At one point, he reached into the car and a tussle ensued before the women pulled him away.

The caption of the video stated that the onlooker and her husband were travelling to Tekka market for breakfast when they witnessed a lady crying and running around the car in an attempt to escape a "furious" man in pursuit.

The caption alleged that the man had grabbed the woman by her hair and hit her vigorously as he tried to force her to get into the vehicle.

The incident had stalled traffic, the commotion causing a hinderance to other drivers.

However, when other drivers pulled up to assess the situation, the man allegedly ran up to their cars, hurling vulgarities and reached into the cars to meddle with their dashboard cameras.

Kicked and punched onlooker's car

According to the caption that accompanied the second clip, this was what happened.

The onlooker tried to capture the altercation on her phone camera.

When the man saw this, he reached inside her car through her lowered windscreen and grasped at her phone.

He then allegedly pulled her hair and scratched her chest and arms.

At this point, the onlooker and her husband tried to drive off to escape the man's wrath.

However, the man allegedly kicked and punched the car, hitting the rear view mirrors and bonnet, causing damage.

According to the video clip's caption, the onlooker also gave their statement to the police when they arrived at the scene.

Police investigations are ongoing.

Top photo via SGRV Facebook