M'sian woman endures 3 months of verbal abuse from manager, quits on same day of confirmation

No one likes a toxic boss.

Keyla Supharta | March 15, 2023, 10:39 AM

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Working for a toxic boss is an unfortunate experience that most of us may be able to relate with.

For this Malaysian lady, her encounter with a toxic boss was enough for her to resign on the same day she received her confirmation.

    Shouted at her and used swear words

    The woman, who goes by Edd, was answering an anonymous question on Twitter.

    At the time of writing, her tweet has amassed 4.3 million views and 2,719 likes.

    The question asked her to elaborate on a toxic environment at a workplace, spurring Edd to share her experience working under a toxic manager.

    She shared that her manager would shout and used derogatory terms at her.

    At one point, her manager asked her to pick him up using her car as he had a flat tyre. He called her stupid when she was late because she got lost.

    Resigned on the day she got confirmed

    Edd said the mistreatment caused her to cry at her desk.

    "At first i thought I was weak, but now that I think about it, no employees should be treated that way!" she exclaimed.

    Speaking to Mothership, Edd said that her probation period was three months. But three months was more than enough for her to deal with her manager's verbal abuse.

    She resigned on the day she received her confirmation, and a day after she was called stupid for getting lost while picking him up.

    "He was shocked [to see me resign]," she said.

    Edd added that she was the only employee in the department aside from her manager.

    When someone asked why someone like him was able to become a manager, Edd said he was a sweet talker and her boss likes someone who is good at speaking.

    Image via @thegrxyvibe/Twitter.

    People sharing experiences

    Edd's twitter post encouraged others to share their own experience with a toxic boss.

    One user shared how his boss told him he was expendable and could be replaced with a "lower-paid" fresh graduate, but he eventually found another job that paid four times as much.

    Image via @thegrxyvibe/Twitter.

    Another shared how her ex-manager would call after work hours and asked her to photocopy documents pages by pages.

    Image via @thegrxyvibe/Twitter.

    Another said their previous bosses would give them empty threats despite assigning tasks that did not even fall within their job scope.

    Image via @thegrxyvibe/Twitter.

    Top image via @thegrxyvibe/Twitter and @sophlainey/Twitter.