Homeowners tell drivers to 'park at your HDB car park' not Meragi Close landed property estate

Even though it's legal.

Hannah Martens | March 28, 2023, 03:17 PM

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Landed property homeowners in the east of Singapore are asking people not from the estate to park elsewhere.

The situation at Meragi Close was brought to light after driver took to Stomp to recount their experience with a homeowner who resorted to putting up flyers on cars to shoo them away.

Meragi Close is situated in Simei.

The private housing estate is next to Parc Lumiere, a cluster of HDB flats.

The motorist shared photos that showed a typed-out note that residents in Meragi Close had placed on their car to tell them to park at "your HDB car park".

The note read:

"Do you live in Meragi Estate or are you visiting residents of Meragi Estate?

If not, please do not park here.

Please park at your HDB car park, which has been reserved for you, as HDB residents or guests of HDB residents.

We are short of parking spaces for residents and guests of residents here.

We appreciate your understanding and considerations for us.

Thank you, residents of Meragi Close."

Situation on the ground

The road at Meragi Close runs between the cluster of HDB flats and landed properties.

There are no lines on the road indicating that parking there is permissible.

According to Motorist.sg, vehicles are legally allowed to park at private estates as long as there are no lines on either side of the road and the lane divider is a single non-continuous white line.

Photo by Matthias Ang

Photo by Matthias Ang

Photo by Matthias Ang

Photo by Matthias Ang

Inspired to speak out by Jade Seah

The motorist told Stomp that he came forward with his story after Jade Seah, a local host, talked about her experience.

Seah took to Instagram on Mar. 21 to call out the "self-entitled" behaviour of landed homeowners as she shared a photo of a handwritten note that was left on her car windshield.

Screenshot via Jade Seah's Instagram

Seah stated that she had "taken care to park legally along a road with no line markings, and not obstructing anyone's front gate nor traffic".

She also pointed out that while these homeowners own the land for their houses, it does not mean they own the land outside their homes.

Top photos by Matthias Ang