S’porean doesn’t buy groceries at JB KSL mall after finding cockroaches in donut boxes

"They looked like they were having a feast," she said.

Daniel Seow | March 21, 2023, 01:29 PM

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Update on Mar. 21, 7pm: The article has been updated with Lotus’s Malaysia’s apology and response to the incident.

A woman from Singapore found more than 10 cockroaches crawling over a shelf filled with cakes, pastries and donuts at Lotus's supermarket in KSL City Mall, Johor Bahru. She discovered more roaches infesting the self-checkout counters as well.

Zann (not her real name), 47, was shopping for groceries with her two daughters on Mar. 20 (Mon), when she discovered the insects at a display near the entrance of the supermarket.

Video courtesy of Zann.

Roaches crawling on a shelf with donuts, pastries

In her video, a small roach can be seen crawling around inside a pre-packaged box of glazed donuts, while another perches on top of the plastic wrapping of another box.

Zann was shocked to see about 10 cockroaches in total on the shelf, which also contained other cakes and pastries.

She told Mothership that she had been about to buy the donuts, since they looked "tempting", but she was disgusted by what she saw.

She also informed a service staff member from the supermarket, but was surprised that he only removed the two affected boxes shown in the video, leaving the rest "as it is".

Zann was not satisfied by the action taken by the service staff member and so she wanted to raise awareness about this incident.

Found more roaches at the self-checkout counter

Zann and her daughters then headed to the self-checkout counters to pay for their groceries, but found more unwelcome guests.

She saw at least three cockroaches crawling over the counter top, with others hiding between gaps in the machine.

"My eldest daughter totally freaked out," Zann said, "She didn't dare to put any of her items in the checkout area."

They inspected the next counter, but it was also infested with roaches.

Horrified, Zann and her daughters dumped the groceries in a nearby trolley and left the supermarket.

"I didn't [even] bother to grab some groceries, like I usually do, to bring back to Singapore," she added.

Determined not to visit again

Zann told Mothership that she buys groceries from this supermarket at KSL City Mall once a month, and this was the first time she has encountered such an incident.

However, she insisted that she will not buy from that outlet again.

"It's like a mass diarrhoea waiting to happen," she explained.

KSL City Mall is a popular shopping destination for Singaporeans as it is only about a 10- to 15-minute drive from the Woodlands Checkpoint.

It is common to see Singaporeans making a pit stop for groceries or sundries there before returning to Singapore.

Products have been disposed of, & deep cleaning done: Lotus's Malaysia

Lotus's Malaysia issued an apology for the incident.

Following the received complaint, they immediately removed and disposed of the affected products and other units of the same batch.

They also stated that all display shelves have been deep cleaned and that they are taking further measures to prevent such incidents from reoccurring.

Mothership has also reached out to KSL City Mall for comment.

Top image from Jackie on Google and screenshot of video courtesy of Zann.