Bloobox out of stock at over 30 collection points islandwide, low in stock at 20


Ashley Tan | Gawain Pek | March 21, 2023, 07:07 PM

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Following the launch of its nationwide distribution on Monday (Mar. 19), the National Environment Agency's (NEA) free household recycling box — Bloobox — is out of stock at multiple collection points.

At the time of writing, Mothership counted around 35 locations where the vending machine status is reflected as "out of stock" on the Bloobox collection website.

There are a total of over 140 vending machines.

Meanwhile, 20 locations were reflected as "low in stock", while 89 collection points still had stocks aplenty.

Stocks replenished

Some collections points appeared to have been replenished since morning.

For example, one collection point at Hougang Community Club was reflected to be out of stock on the morning of Mar. 21.

However, both collection points are now "in stock".

It seems that the vending machines were also replenished regularly in the past few days since its launch.

Lianhe Zaobao (Zaobao) reported that as many as 38 vending machines ran out of stock as of 8pm on Mar. 19, the first day of the Blooboxes' distribution.

Each vending machine has a stock of 72 Blooboxes, according to Zaobao.

What's a Bloobox?

Blooboxes are aimed at encouraging every residential household in Singapore to set up a home recycling corner.

The box is foldable and can hold up to 5kg of paper, plastic, metal or glass recyclables, or e-waste.

It has instructions on what can and cannot be recycled, as well as a removable divider so households can create a separate compartment for small e-waste items.

The box is also washable and reusable.

When the Bloobox is full, the recyclables should be emptied into a blue recycling bin or a recycling chute. E-waste such as light bulbs and batteries should be deposited into e-waste bins.

Residents can collect the Bloobox at the vending machines by:

  • Scanning the barcode of their NRIC, FIN card, or SingPass Digital NRIC, or
  • Keying in their NRIC or FIN number.

Top image via NEA and BlooboxGoWhere