Traffic Police on motorbike engages van in high speed chase from TPE to Yishun

The van was later found abandoned at a car park.

Ruth Chai | February 15, 2023, 04:12 PM

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A Traffic Police on a motorcycle was seen in hot pursuit of a white van in Yishun.

The incident, on Feb. 14, was caught on multiple videos by members of the public.

In one video that has been widely circulated online, the Toyota Hiace van was seen weaving in and out of traffic along Yishun Avenue 8, with the Traffic Police officer on its tail seconds behind.

The caption of the Facebook post sharing the video claimed the van was illegally modified and evading the authorities.

A total of three videos were posted online.

In one video, the white van was seen speeding and dodging other vehicles on the road.

In another video, the van was seen driving against traffic and beating a red light.

In a third video, the chase appeared to have ended in a car park.

The white van could be seen haphazardly abandoned across three parking lots, with a police car and motorcycle at the scene.

The van appeared to have hit a pillar.

Fluid was seen under the vehicle.

Responding to Mothership's queries, the police said a Traffic Police officer was patrolling along Tampines Expressway and signalled for a van driver to stop at the road shoulder to conduct a check at 12:25pm.

The van driver did not comply and instead sped off.

The Traffic Police officer then gave chase and found the van abandoned at the car park near Block 47B Yishun Street 42.

It is not known if the driver was caught.

The police stated that investigations are currently ongoing.

Top photo via Facebook/SG Road Vigilante