Toa Payoh HDB resident filmed pouring liquid from window, residents say it's urine

One resident said the urine smell was so strong it would wake her up every morning.

Winnie Li | February 09, 2023, 11:50 AM

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While the rest of Singapore was immersed in the festive joy of Chinese New Year, residents living at an HDB estate in Toa Payoh had to endure the smell of urine throughout the holiday, reported Shin Min Daily News.

Eventually, the residents of the block could not bear it anymore, so they decided to wake up early and record the mischief-maker on camera as evidence.

On Feb. 7, one resident finally managed to capture a video in which a person was filmed pouring an unknown liquid from the third floor, according to Shin Min.

Video via Facebook

When zoomed in on the footage, which was also uploaded to Facebook, the said liquid appeared yellow.

What happened

According to the resident who tipped Shin Min off, the incident happened at Block 104 Lor 1 Toa Payoh.

The 45-year-old complained that every time the liquid was poured, he would notice a urine smell.

Image via Shin Min Daily News

In fact, he had been sensing the unpleasant smell at the ground floor every now and then since October 2022, reported Shin Min.

He explained that he and his fellow residents only started to monitor the situation closely after his next-door neighbour asked him whether he noticed someone was pouring urine as they would always smell it behind their HDB block.

"We then discovered that our neighbour upstairs would always pour liquid from their window in the early morning," he shared.

The resident also added that initially, he thought the situation would improve during CNY, but the smell continued haunting him throughout the holiday.

In the end, he and his fellow residents could not take it anymore and decided to wake up early and record the troublemaker on camera as evidence.

Pouring continues despite residents' complaints

The video that captured a person pouring an unknown liquid from the third floor was posted on Facebook by a user named Valiant Khong, who claimed to be a resident of the estate in Toa Payoh.

In his post, Khong said the culprit would also litter the area with cigarette butts, sanitary pads, tissue paper, and food waste thrown from the flat.

Screenshot via Facebook

He claimed he had complained many times to the National Environment Agency (NEA) for a few months and asked them to catch the wrongdoer, but NEA would only give warnings.

He also stated his previous request for NEA to install a surveillance camera was also unsuccessful.

At the end of the post, Khong urged the authorities to do something about the culprit as there are children in the vicinity, and the ground level of the block has become very "unhygienic and unhealthy" because of the pouring of urine and littering.

Another resident interviewed by Shin Min, whose window faces the area behind the HDB, said she has complained many times, but the person did not appear to be afraid of receiving warnings from the authorities and continued pouring the liquid as usual.

She lamented that the smell of the urine was so strong it would wake her up every morning.

Resident doesn't dare to hang clothes outside or let children out

Besides urine-pouring, the resident who tipped Shin Min off said there was also high-rise littering occurring at his HDB during the daytime.

As a result, he and his wife would hang all their laundry inside their flat as they worry their clothes would get dirty outside from the litter or urine thrown from upstairs.

He also shared with Shin Min that his wife has planted some edible vegetables in the corridors at the front and back of the HDB, which they used to make salads with.

Their two young children enjoy following their mother to water the plants and ride on scooters in the area.

However, with the high-rise littering and urine-pouring, the couple are worried the vegetable would be contaminated and something might fall onto their children, reported Shin Min.

As such, they no longer dare to let their kids go out and play.

Occupant of the suspected flat 'mysterious': neighbour

When Shin Min visited the unit where the urine was believed to be poured from on Feb. 7 and Feb. 8, no one answered the door.

The door and windows of the flat were also sealed, but there were some personal items, such as slippers, lying outside the front door.

According to Shin Min, the neighbour downstairs said the occupant of the flat was rather mysterious, as they have never seen anyone coming out of the flat and were not even sure who exactly lives inside.

Shin Min also noted that there was a camera installed outside the block with "NEA" printed on it.

Residents interviewed believe it was installed there by the authorities to catch the litterbug.

Top images via Facebook and Shin Min Daily News