Travellers to Thailand must pay 300 baht (S$12) entry fee come June 2023

Entry via land or sea will also be required to pay 150 baht fee.

Nixon Tan | February 15, 2023, 12:17 PM

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Thailand will impose a 300 baht (S$12) entry fee on foreign holidaymakers from June 2023 as the tourism-reliant nation presses ahead with the long-delayed levy following a better-than-expected recovery in tourist arrivals.

Those entering via land borders and seaports will be levied 150 baht (S$6) each.

The cabinet of Thailand confirmed the plan, according to The Bangkok Post.

Tourism Minister Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn said the fees will come into effect from June.

Differing fares

Phiphat said the fee will be cheaper for those arriving by land or sea transport because they were likely to stay in the country for a shorter period of time.

Visitors who do not plan to stay overnight will not be required to pay the fee.

Will be used to provide insurance for tourists

Phiphat said: "The entry fee will support care for tourists. From 2017 to 2019, foreign tourists used services at public hospitals and that cost the state as much as 300 to 400 million baht."

The entry fee is widely criticised by the local tourism industry, and comes as the country is experiencing an uptick in arrivals largely in part due to China's move to end its zero-Covid policy.

According to estimates, Thailand could experience foreign tourist arrivals as high as 30 million in 2023, nearly tripling from 11.2 million in 2022.

Arrivals in 2019 pre-pandemic were a record-high of 40 million.

The additional fees will be included in air ticket prices, while the fees from entry by land has yet to be determined, the government said.

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