S'pore mother calls police on son, 14, who allegedly threatened to go on 'school rampage' with homemade weapon

He has been sentenced to six months at a juvenile rehabilitation centre.

Ruth Chai | February 04, 2023, 10:21 AM

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A 14-year-old male individual has been sentenced to six months at a juvenile rehabilitation centre after threatening to go on a rampage in school.

According to Shin Min Daily News, the teen first crafted a weapon by taping a knife to a bamboo pole, took a photo of it, then set the picture as his WhatsApp profile picture.

The photo was reportedly seen by his classmates and teacher.

He further claimed that he would go on a "school rampage".

The teen, now 15, plead guilty to one charge under the Protection from Harassment Act (POHA).

What happened

Court documents stated that the teen asked his mother for a knife, but did tell her what he needed it for.

His form teacher alerted his mother after he set the photo of the weapon as his WhatsApp profile photo.

As the teen has thrown cans and kettles at his mother when angry, she feared for her own safety and called the police the next day.

When the police arrived, the teenager locked his door in an attempt to keep them out.

After unlocking the door with a key, they saw the teenager brandishing his handmade weapon.

He did not resist arrest.

Suffers from social communication disorder and adjustment disorder

The boy reportedly suffers from social communication disorder and adjustment disorder, which requires him to supervised and counselled.

The teen's father is paralysed after an accident and his mother refuses to discipline him out of fear.

Prosecutors pointed out that the teen is not suitable for probation as he has poor adaptive and problem solving skills, and is prone to violence. They asked for him to be sent to a juvenile rehabilitation centre for two years.

However, the teen opined that the two weeks that he spent at the centre was "sufficient".

He said that he was upset at how his mother and teacher repeatedly pestered him to go to school.

Making the weapon and uploading a photo of it was his way of getting personal space, he added.

The judge pointed out that the teen has refused to attend school, counselling and therapy.

He also brought a knife and sewing kit to school, threw his phone out of the window when he was asked to submit his homework, and told his classmates that he wanted to end his own life.

The judge concluded that there was nobody who would be able to discipline and supervise the boy at home.

The teen has appealed.

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