S'pore driver lodges police report over 'hit & run' at Far East Square, turns out he was the culprit

Insert meme of man making himself fall off bicycle.

Nixon Tan | February 24, 2023, 12:09 PM

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Imagine thinking you were the victim of a hit-and-run incident, only to find out the culprit was yourself.

Wait, what?

This was what happened to a driver in Singapore, who was so convinced that the matter got reported to the police.

Lodged police report

In a 26-second video uploaded to TikTok on Feb. 7, user Eunicecatx explained how this absurd incident happened to her friend in December 2022.

First, she showed the messages she received from said friend.

The message reads:

"Hit n run

At police station now"

It was accompanied by a photo pointing out the scratches on the bumper of the car.

Image via TikTok/Eunicecatx

The video then showed the police report that Eunice's friend lodged at Orchard Neighbourhood Police Centre.

Image via TikTok/Eunicecatx

The friend was convinced that he had been involved in a hit-and-run.

It was him all along

Hilariously, the culprit was then revealed in the driver's own dashcam footage that was viewed by the Police.

Take a look for yourself to see who it was:

GIF via TikTok/Eunicecatx

The driver had in fact caused the damage when he grazed the car park wall in two separate incidents.

The police apparently told Eunice's friend that he will be able to find the culprit after reviewing the footage at home, according to captions on her TikTok post.

What a twist.

TikTok commenters bewildered

In the comments, many people were confused about how he seemingly did not feel the impact.

Image via TikTok/Eunicecatx

Image via TikTok/Eunicecatx

Eunice had to clarify that her friend assumed he ran over a curb.

Image via TikTok/Eunicecatx

German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche put it best -- we truly are our own worst enemy.

Top photo via TikTok/Eunicecatx