Diner complains of S$15 charge for cucumber at Peach Garden S'pore, restaurant says miscommunication

What the duck.

Mandy How | February 23, 2023, 04:02 PM

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Things are not a bed of roses at Peach Garden.

One Susan Leong, who visited the restaurant's Thomson Plaza outlet on Feb. 19, subsequently publicised her unpleasant dining experience on the country's unofficial complain portal, Complaint Singapore.

Leong and her family had ordered a Peking duck, which was on promotion for S$38.

As is customary, the dish came with crepes, cucumbers, and spring onions.

Unfortunately, the diners felt that the vegetable portions were "miserable", and requested for more cucumbers.

Photo by Susan Leong/Facebook

In response, Leong alleged, the waitress sarcastically questioned why they were eating so many cucumbers.

Things went further downhill for the customers during payment, when they saw a S$15 charge on the bill tagged as "second serving".

Photo by Susan Leong/Facebook

The cashier, after clarifying with the waitress, informed Leong that the sum was for the cucumbers.

"I tried to reason with them that we were unaware of this charge as we thought cucumbers should be complimentary to go with the Peking Duck. We should be informed of the charges when we asked for the additional cucumbers and decide if we want to order," Leong wrote.

However, the staff apparently shrugged it off as company policy.

"Peach Garden Peking duck gimmick is not worth it," Leong concluded.

She added: "I am not going to go back anymore."

When commenters asked if the S$15 charge might have been for the leftover duck meat (considered a second dish), Leong clarified that she had checked with the restaurant, and a normal stir-fry would come at no additional cost.

Peach Garden: A misunderstanding

In response to queries from Mothership, a spokesperson for Peach Garden said they had investigated the situation and explained it as "a case of misunderstanding".

According to the rep, Leong had ordered deep-fried duck with salt and pepper using the leftover meat, which was how the S$15 was incurred.

This is considered a different dish from the stir-fry method, which would have been free.

"Under usual circumstances, the first two plates of cucumber and spring onion are complimentary at our restaurants and we only charge customers S$3 for any additional plates," the restaurant said.

"She (the customer) was not charged for the cucumber and spring onion," the statement added.

When asked for further clarification, the spokesperson attributed the incident to a "verbal miscommunication" between its staff and customer.

"However, this miscommunication was clarified in the printed receipt as shown and the restaurant did not charge the customer S$15 for the cucumber/spring onion. The S$15 charge was for the second serving of duck," the restaurant emphasised.

"From what we understand, the customer ordered a second serving of meat and requested for extra cucumbers/spring onion at the same time.

Our server informed the guest that the cucumbers/spring onion will be FOC (free of charge) but there will be charges for her second serving of the duck."

The spokesperson then explained that the charges come from having to prepare and cook the second serving.

Top image via Susan Leong/Facebook