Mercedes driver refuses to shift parked car for passing rubbish truck in Kovan as he got 'no respect' from truck driver

Mercedes car VS rubbish truck.

Kerr Puay Hian | February 08, 2023, 11:44 AM

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Parking outside private houses has gotten on the nerves of people recently.

According to Shin Min News Daily, an altercation between a rubbish truck driver and a Mercedes car driver happened last Saturday (Feb 4) within a private residential estate in Kovan.

Truck driver knocked on doors to look for car owner

A resident living along the road, Park Villas Rise, 50-year-old Liu, told a Shin Min reporter he was at home at around 8am when the truck driver knocked on his door.

The driver wanted to know if the white Mercedes parked outside his house belonged to Liu and wanted him to help shift the car aside to let his truck pass.

Liu said, "I didn't know who the car owner was, so he left and continued to knock on other people's doors."

It was not long before he heard shouting outside his house.

Car owner apparently not a resident

Liu said he went outside and saw an "uncle" in his 40s or 50s quarrelling with the truck driver.

He didn’t recognise the "uncle" was and thought he could be someone visiting one of the neighbours.

As it turns out, the Mercedes had been parked far too out from the curb, and the truck driver didn't want to risk scratching the car by driving through the narrow space on the other side of the car.

However, the Mercedes car driver refused to move, and that was when things turned ugly.

"No respect"

According to Liu, the duo’s heated shouting attracted a crowd of concerned citizens.

Liu heard the Mercedes car driver say he was angry because he thought the rubbish truck driver didn’t show him "respect".

The situation was so intense that someone decided to call the police.

Police officers made the Mercedes driver move

According to Shin Min, the police officers convinced the Mercedes car owner to shift his vehicle and spent around an hour talking to both sides.

They gave the drivers some firm advice before leaving.

Too many cars, too little space

Liu claims that parking has always been a problem in his estate.

He said every household in the area owns "quite a number of cars", and the roads are often congested.

However, drivers would usually have no problem with shifting their cars when asked.

He believes that if drivers want to park in private estates, they should avoid getting into such disputes.

Top image via Shin Min Daily News and Google Maps street view