8 to 9 ex-girlfriends in China crash groom's wedding to ruin his big day

Hell has no fury like women scorned.

Daniel Seow | February 23, 2023, 04:23 PM

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A man in Yunnan, China recently had his wedding interrupted dramatically when a group of his ex-girlfriends apparently showed up with a big Chinese character banner saying they are going to end him on his big day.

On Feb. 6,  the wedding held in Hengdi village was proceeding smoothly and the bride and groom were just about to walk down the red carpet.

In a now-viral video circulated on Weibo, around a dozen women showed up and stood in a single row, blocking the couple's path down the red carpet.

They also held up a large red banner with the words, “We are Chen Song’s ex-girlfriends, and today we will destroy you”.

If it is a joke, the bride did not appear amused at all, while the groom averted his eyes briefly from the scene.

According to Feidian Video, a Chinese news and video platform, some guests approached the women to ask about their protest, and at one point even Chen and his bride went over to speak to them.

At first, many attendees believed that the scene was a friendly prank, as reported by Baixing Guanzhu, a subsidiary of Guizhou TV.

A woman who identified herself as Chen's cousin initially said the banner had been custom-made by Chen's friends as a joke.

However, it was later revealed that at least some of the women were indeed Chen's ex-girlfriends.

Relationship with wife and in-laws affected

“I recognised my exes,” Chen Song told Feidian Video.

“And so many of these women gathered to make a scene. It was so humiliating for me, and my bride's mood immediately turned sour.”

He also shared that his newly-wed wife was upset with him the entire day, and that his in-laws are demanding an explanation from him.

"I was young and immature back then," he said, admitting that he had not treated his ex-girlfriends well.

He advised the listeners to learn from his mistake, and to treat women with respect.

"It's better to be loyal to your girlfriend. Otherwise in the future if she decides to get even, you will pay the price..." he added, speaking from experience.

"Deserves it"

However, Chen did not get much sympathy from online commenters.

In the comments on the video, many expressed that he deserved to be exposed in such an embarrassing way.

Another commenter doubted that he is truly repentant, suggesting that Chen is just trying to protect his reputation.

One online commenter even said "if she was the newlywed bride, she would divorce him immediately."

Oof. So much for the "happiest day of his life".

Top image via Baixing Guanzhu.