Endangered deer escapes from M'sian zoo, still at large after 6 days

No i-deer where it is currently.

Keyla Supharta | February 22, 2023, 07:31 PM

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A male hog deer escaped the national zoo of Malaysia, Zoo Negara, last Thursday (Feb. 16) and has been at large since, reported The Star.

The sightings of the runaway deer in housing estates around the zoo circulated around social media since Thursday evening.

Residents around the area have been notified to keep a lookout for the male deer.

"This deer is from a group of deer that are allowed to roam freely within the zoo open area. However, it is believed that this deer had found an exit hole through the river stream that leads out from the zoo," a Zoo Negara spokesperson told Says.

The search for the deer has been unsuccessful so far.

A Zoo Negara spokesperson told the local media that search operations are ongoing and the media will be notified once the deer is found.

Endangered deer

The Indian hog deer is a small deer native to South Asia and Southeast Asia.

It gets its name from the hog-like manner it runs through the forest, with its head hung low so that it can duck under obstacles instead of leaping over them like other deer.

They have long bodies and relatively short legs. A mature hog deer stands about 70cm at the shoulder and weighs approximately 50kg.

Hog deers are solitary animals, though they are occasionally observed feeding in small herds. They are also known to form small family units.

Hog deers are herbivores, feeding on mostly grasses and leaves.

Their populations have declined sharply over the last few decades due to agricultural development. They are currently endangered.

Top image via Meanwhile in Malaysia/Facebook and visitselangor.com