'The Daily Show' US host mocks S'pore case about man suing woman who doesn't like him romantically

Putting Singapore on the map.

Belmont Lay | February 09, 2023, 02:33 AM

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The Singapore case about a man suing a woman for over S$3 million after she friend-zoned him has made it onto "The Daily Show", a U.S. comedy news programme.

Comedienne Chelsea Handler, who is sitting in as a guest host after Trevor Noah left the programme on Dec. 5, 2022, made a passing mention of the case in a one-minute segment.

The previous segment saw her mocking Fox News host and conservative talking head, Tucker Carlson.

Handler said, in the episode that went out on Tuesday, Feb. 7:

"Because speaking of dissatisfied men, a man in Singapore is suing a woman for putting him in the friend zone.

That's right. He wants US$2.3 million because he says her rejection caused him sustained trauma.

And this is why I don't date anyone from Singapore.

He said getting friend zoned caused him sustained trauma? How hard is this guy masturbating?

This would never happen the other way around. Women would never file a lawsuit just because a man ghosted us.

No, we would just spread a rumour, you know, that he's got a small penis that's riddled with STDs because we are adults.

I just hope this guy doesn't win. Because if rejecting losers becomes a crime, I'm looking at a class action lawsuit against myself."

The previous guest hosts that took over Noah included Leslie Jones, Wanda Sykes and D. L. Hughley.

You can watch the clip from the 3-minute 33-second mark:

About the case

A man in Singapore, K Kawshigan, resorted to legal action when a woman, Nora Tan, refused to pursue a romantic relationship with him.

She merely regarded him as a friend.

In a High Court lawsuit, he sought over S$3 million for the "emotional trauma" he suffered after making the discovery.

Kawshigan's claims against Tan stem from frustration with her as she was unwilling to accommodate his demands to deepen their "relationship".

She is countersuing him for all the expenses she incurred and to protect herself from his harassment.

Tan, installed a digital door viewer, an alarm sensor and a smart video doorbell to ensure her safety from the man.

She is seeking damages of about S$480 for installing equipment meant for her safety and another S$1,000 for expenses incurred while engaging in counselling and "healing" sessions at his request.

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