S'pore bus driver spots ghostly figure on upper deck, goes up, no one there


Belmont Lay | February 13, 2023, 02:30 PM

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There's something strange in the neighbourhood: A bus captain in Singapore purportedly caught a "ghost" on video in the bus he was in.

A video of the spooky encounter was shared to the Supernatural Confessions Facebook page on Feb. 13.

The caption of the post read:

This footage was taken by the bus driver. He noticed someone was sitting on the upper deck but to his knowledge the bus is totally empty. He decided to check it out and to his horror, no one was there. This was taken in wee hours of the morning.

What video showed

The 50-second video showed the bus captain in his seat pushing buttons while bemoaning about a situation on the bus.

It turns out, he was flustered because he spotted a "passenger" on the upper deck of the bus, despite him being certain he was alone.

According to the surveillance footage that captured the upper deck seats, a figure in black could be seen seated in one of the seats behind the first few rows.

A foot belonging to the figure could also be seen protruding from the side.

The passenger count as indicated on the monitor showed "0" though.

When the bus driver went up, there was no one to be found.

A translation of what the driver said on camera can be read here:

(0:09): "It's too early for something supernatural to happen."

Showing the CCTV (0:13): "Look at this. There's someone upstairs, right?"

0:22: "It's too early for this. How can there be someone upstairs?"

Once he reached the upper deck (0:35): "Sial ah there's no one. I'm boiling with rage. I even asked him to come down just now. P*k*m*k."

According to bus's screen, the bus was a service that plies the roads in Punggol.

The screen showing the surveillance footage of the different areas of the bus indicated that it was about 7am on Friday, Feb. 10, when the incident occurred.

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