Anglo-Chinese School (Primary) to go co-ed & re-locate to Tengah in 2030

Measures are put in place to reduce inconvenience on students and their families.

Nixon Tan | February 09, 2023, 01:10 PM

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The Ministry of Education (MOE) has announced six schools will be opening or relocating in the coming years.

One of them being Anglo-Chinese School (Primary) [ACS(P)], which is currently located at Barker Road.

ACS(P) will join the previously announced Pioneer Primary school as one of three starting primary schools in Tengah town.

Move to Tengah and go co-ed

According to MOE, they have been in talks with ACS since early 2022 to relocate one of the two ACS primary schools to better serve the wider community.

In addition to the move, the relocated ACS(P) will go co-educational, as a way to meet the local community's needs. This means ACS(P) at Tengah will be accepting female students.

The relocated ACS(P) in Tengah will be ready in 2030, and will start off with only new Primary 1 students.

At ACS' request, the relocated school will have a larger capacity of 11 Primary 1 classes.

Measures to reduce inconvenience on students and their families

As Tengah is over 12km away from the current location at Barker Road, MOE said that they have worked with ACS to put in place appropriate measures to minimise inconvenience for students and their families.

These measures include:

  • No students currently at ACS(P) at Barker Road will need to be relocated to Tengah. MOE has applied a "teach-out" model, which will allow students already enrolled in ACS(P) to remain until graduation in Primary 6.
  • MOE will allow ACS(P) at Barker Road to continue to admit younger male siblings for Primary 1 from 2030 onwards, provided that they have an older sibling still studying at ACS(P) at Barker Road.
  • Both male and female siblings of existing students of ACS(P) at Barker Road will be eligible for Phase 1 priority for Primary 1 admission at ACS(P) at Tengah.

As a result of this shift, ACS(P) at Barker Road would see decreasing Primary 1 intakes from 2030 onwards.

MOE's plan is for ACS(P) at Barker Road to consolidate with ACS (Junior) at Winstedt Road tentatively in 2033, and will operate from both campuses before eventually combining at the Barker campus tentatively in 2039.

Top photo via ACSP/Facebook and Google Maps