Woman, 40, jailed 14 months for stabbing daughter, 15, in thigh with knife to stop her from going out

She also hit the victim with a metal ladle so hard that it bent out of shape.

Ruth Chai | January 04, 2023, 06:56 PM

Angered by her daughter's alleged sexual conduct, a 40-year-old woman stabbed her then 15-year-old daughter in the thigh to prevent her from going out.

The mother, who cannot be named due to a gag order protecting the victim's identity, received 14 month's jail on Wednesday, Jan. 4, after pleading guilty to one count of voluntarily causing hurt by an instrument likely to cause death.

The woman had two daughters, aged 15 and 20, and a son, during the time of the incident.

She was living with her children and a domestic worker then.


The woman, who had been drinking on Jun. 20, 2022, the night of the incident, got into a row with the victim around midnight.

She called her elder daughter over and asked her if she should kill her younger daughter.

The woman then retrieved a knife from the kitchen, repeating her question about killing her daughter.

She then took the knife and stabbed the victim in her right thigh.

The victim also sustained a cut on her right arm as she was trying to defend herself.

The woman continued to scold her child and asked her to clean up the blood from her wound, which had dripped onto the floor.

Then, the woman took a metal ladle and beat her daughter with so much force that the scoop of the ladle was bent out of shape.

She did this while she mocked her daughter who was in pain.

The police arrived at 1:46am after a noise complaint was lodged by an unidentified person.

However, the woman told her younger daughter to hide, and assured the police that they was nothing wrong as she was just talking loudly with her elder daughter.

The police left, and she continued to torment her younger daughter by hitting her with two floorball sticks and a small electric fan.

At 3:22am, the woman called the police herself, and admitted that she had stabbed her daughter.

Judge tells woman to mend broken relationships

CNA reported that the woman told the court that she was angered after hearing that her daughter had purported sexual relationships with others.

District Judge Eugene Yeo told the woman that she should mend her relationship with her daughters and correct her relationship with alcohol.

He reminded her to focus on healing while she served her time.

Top photo via Unsplash and Mothership