Woman, 28, fights with domestic worker over alleged child assault, S'pore police called in

The employer accused the domestic worker of slapping her first.

Matthias Ang | January 29, 2023, 09:04 PM

A 28-year-old woman came to blows with her domestic worker over communication issues and for allegedly assaulting her child, Shin Min Daily News reported.

The woman, surnamed Hou (according to Hanyu Pinyin), told the Chinese media outlet that she had hired the domestic worker in June 2022, through an agency.

The domestic worker's tasks were to help Hou take care of her youngest child, aged three months old, and assist her mother-in-law with the housework.

Could not understand English or Chinese

Hou claimed that the domestic worker was unable to understand simple words such as eating and bathing despite the agency indicating that she could communicate in English and Mandarin.

This resulted in Hou asking her previous domestic worker to remain for two more months in order to guide her.

Shin Min Daily News further reported that friction subsequently arose between Hou and the new domestic worker due to communication problems.

On Sep. 11, 2022, three months after she was hired, a fight broke out between the two of them at Hou's flat, located at Block 638A along Punggol Drive.

Hou alleged the dispute pertained to the feeding time of her child.

Hou added when she called the agency to complain, the agency called the domestic worker in turn to better understand the situation.

However, the domestic worker supposedly became increasingly agitated while speaking to the agency.

"She became louder and louder and scared the children," Hou claimed.

"I asked her to keep her voice down, but the other party kept yelling. I couldn't bear it, I took away the maid’s mobile phone and asked her to go to the corridor outside the flat."

At this point, the dispute at the corridor turned physical.

Domestic worker supposedly hit one of her children

Hou further accused the domestic worker of slapping her first.

When the domestic worker rushed back into the flat, Hou held onto her arm, as Hou was afraid that she would hurt her four children.

Hou also claimed that the domestic worker subsequently hit one of her children.

In retaliation, Hou said she kicked and punched the domestic worker.

Hou also alleged that the domestic worker reached for the cradle of her three-month old son.

"I pulled her hair to stop her and she scratched me," Hou added.

The domestic worker then purportedly fled when Hou called the police but eventually returned.

Served a conditional warning

Hou was given a conditional warning on Jan. 17 for intention to cause harm, according to Asiaone.

She was also told that she would face "severe" consequences if she re-offended within 12 months.

As for her domestic worker, Hou said that she was also advised by the police on the incident, but supposedly did not receive a criminal record.

In voicing her worry that the domestic worker could continue working for other employers, Hou said she has since hired a new domestic worker.

Top photo via Shin Min Daily News