Toyota Vios hits Porsche Panamera & turns turtle at Ubi Ave 3, heavier car wins

1,095kg vs 1,760kg.

Belmont Lay | January 18, 2023, 07:57 PM

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A Toyota Vios travelling straight turned turtle along Ubi Avenue 3 after hitting a Porsche Panamera filtering left to avoid being stuck in a right-turn lane.

The incident on Jan. 17 at about 6pm was caught on video.

The video showed the white Toyota grazing the Porsche that was filtering out slowly, but the Japanese saloon car ended up worse off going toe-to-toe with the German-made luxury car.

A Toyota Vios weighs 1,095kg, while a Porsche Panamera weighs 1,760kg.

The Toyota ended up on its side, blocking off two of the left-most lanes.


Reactions to the video were mostly arguing about which driver should take the blame.

Most of the commenters blamed the Porsche driver for filtering left without first waiting for traffic to be clear.

Moreover, the Porsche committed to filtering left without speeding up to exit the lane, as its driver assumed the oncoming Toyota would slow down and give way.

Those who faulted the Toyota driver said the car did not err on the side of caution as it did not appear to not have braked in time or have the intention of giving way, even though it had the right of way.

Others said the driving conditions in Singapore are challenging owning to such antics on the road, given the unpredictability of other road users who want to engage in a game of chicken and not demonstrate defensive driving techniques.

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