Pet cat from Geylang ends up near Marina South Pier MCE road divider, located via its Apple AirTag

The distance between Geylang Serai Market and Marina South Pier is about 8.7km.

Gawain Pek | January 19, 2023, 12:28 PM

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A single Apple AirTag, meant to be an "easy way to keep track of your stuff", costs S$45.40.

For one Singaporean family, Apple's tracker turned into a worthwhile investment when it helped them locate their missing pet cat -- many kilometres away.

AirTag showed cat along MCE

According to a clip posted to TikTok by user @osrastays on Tuesday (Jan. 17), their family pet cat, Tofu, went missing one day.

"Thankfully for AirTag, it detected Tofu around Marina Coastal Expressway", the TikToker wrote in the clip.

A day-long search involving multiple parties, such as the TikToker's family and brother's friends, ensued.

Here are some photos of Tofu the cat, for reference:

Screenshot via @osrastays/TikTok.

Screenshot via @osrastays/TikTok.

The screenshot seen in the clip showed that Tofu's location was somewhere along MCE, near Marina South Pier.

Screenshot via @osrastays/TikTok.

The TikToker surmised in the onscreen captions that at that moment, they knew someone could have thrown the AirTag collar away and taken the cat.

Moved between carpark and road divider

Later that morning at 11:30am, Tofu's AirTag indicated that it had moved to what appeared to be the car park at Marina South Pier.

Screenshot via @osrastays/TikTok.

The user shared that they were puzzled by the movement.

"Why would the AirTag move if someone threw the tag away at the expressway?" The person who took Tofu must have moved around", the TikToker opined.

An hour later at 12:30pm, the AirTag moved back to near its previous location along the MCE.

Screenshot via @osrastays/TikTok.

"This moment it was a little bit weird... why would this person who took Tofu come back to the expressway?!" the TikToker wrote, puzzled once again.

The idea that Tofu's collar was discarded by the cat-nappers again entered the minds of the user and members of the search party.

Gif via @osrastays/TikTok.

Found safe in the shrubbery

To check on their suspicions that Tofu was somewhere in the bushes of the divider, the search party parked their cars along the road shoulder of the MCE, near the divider.

"It was very dangerous, but Suveen said maybe Tofu was really there... and we all didn't give up", the TikToker admitted.

Screenshot via @osrastays/TikTok.

As the party neared the bushes, the "AirTag beeped like crazy".

Peering through a gap in the shrubbery, the search party were welcomed by a delightful sight.

Screenshot via @osrastays/TikTok.

"Guess who we found", the TikToker wrote.

To get the cat to safety, the TikToker's husband went into the bushes and carried Tofu out.

Gif via @osrastays/TikTok.

"Poor baby was frightened", the TikToker recounted.

From Geylang to MCE

According to the user, the cat had gone from Geylang to its location along the MCE.

Google Maps showed that the distance between Geylang Serai Market and Food Centre and Marina South Pier is around 8.7km.

How did the cat end up along MCE from Geylang?

The user theorised that the cat might have hitch-hiked in a vehicle, tried to escape and ended up along the expressway.

Towards the end of the clip, the user attributed the safe return of their beloved Tofu to Apple's AirTag, and expressed gratitude for Apple's technology.

@osrastays 😭 Tofu the cat went missing. He had an airtag around his collar. We opened the app & found him located at Marina Coastal Expressway… In our minds someone must have thrown the tag along the way.. Thankful for friends & family who helped us find Tofu. We are also thankful for Apple Singapore for creating airtags.. Here’s our Tofu Tragedy… Tofu never gave up on us , so did we…We love you Tofu 🥹 #sgfyp #sgtrending #mothershipsg #sgtiktok #tiktoksingapore #catssg #fypシ #viralsg #tiktoksgviral #airtag #airtagsapple #tofuthecatsg ♬ A thousand years - Zeus

How Apple AirTag works

According to Apple, AirTag sends out a secure Bluetooth signal that can be detected by nearby devices.

These devices send the location of the AirTag to a map in the Find My app.

The whole process is anonymous and encrypted to protect users' privacy.

Top image via @osrastays/TikTok