Police investigating 8 youths aged 11-14 after video shows teen beaten up at Serangoon fitness corner

The eight involved included male and female youths.

Belmont Lay | January 25, 2023, 06:33 PM

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Singapore police are investigating eight youths after a video circulated online showed three male teenagers beating up one male teenager in public.

The video was shot at a fitness corner in Serangoon.

In response to media queries, the police confirmed that the incident occurred at the fitness corner near Block 201 Serangoon Central.

They were alerted to the incident at about 4:15pm on Jan. 15.

In total, eight male and female youths aged 11 to 14 are assisting the police.

The case has been classified as rioting.

Separately, a 15-year-old boy was conveyed conscious to hospital.

What video showed

The approximately 1-minute clip began with one teenager in black seated on a workout machine and being surrounded by three others.

The boy who was seated was kicked in the face.

The assault continued with the others joining in to rain kicks and punches on the youth as he fell to the ground, while covering his head.

A boy in blue, who was much smaller in stature, also participated in the assault.

The boy in black was beaten continuously for at least 45 seconds.

Shouts and laughter could be heard off-camera throughout the assault.

A voice off-camera shouted: "Why don't you take off his clothes?"

Some others said off-camera to be careful of the police.

Police are still investigating the case.