Ants galore on Redhill overhead bridge handrails, residents can't use them out of fear


Ruth Chai | January 02, 2023, 06:58 PM

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Nature in Singapore was seen reclaiming infrastructure in their environment and trying to coexist with human inhabitants -- to the discomfort of the human inhabitants.

Nature's way of saying "Hi"?

Spotted on the handrails of an overhead bridge in Redhill were hundreds -- if not thousands -- of red ants.

According to Shin Min Daily News, the bridge is located between Block 129 Redhill View and Block 25B Jalan Membina.

In photos sent to the Chinese press by readers, thousands of red ants were seen traversing the railings of the overhead bridge.

A Shin Min reporter visited the bridge on Dec. 29 to witness nature in action first hand.

The ants were observed only travelling on one side of the railings. The adjacent railing was devoid of ants.

Red ant bites are said to be painful, and cause skin irritation and swelling.

If one is allergic to such bug bites, more serious symptoms such as eye irritation and difficulty in breathing can occur.

Redhill residents were reportedly concerned about the ants that are seen there day and night.

One woman, Lee, 60, told Shin Min that the phenomenon was a recent occurrence, and that she had not experienced this despite living in Redhill for 20 years.

Another man, also surnamed Lee, 40, who travelled to Redhill to visit relatives, voiced his concerns for the elderly people living in the area.

He noted that many elderly residents needed the assistance of handrails to climb and cross the overhead bridge.

However, the ants have encouraged community spirit and bonding, as residents would frequently remind each other to be careful when crossing the overhead bridge, it was also reported.

If one gets bitten by red ants, it is advised to wash one's hands with soap to neutralise the discomfort from the bite, and apply cream or ointment.

Top photo via Shin Min Daily News