Pet fish allowed to play Nintendo Switch exposes owner's credit card details on live stream & spends 500 yen

The rise of the planet of the fish.

Hannah Martens | January 31, 2023, 11:18 AM

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While playing on its owner's Nintendo Switch, a pet fish in Japan managed to log on to the Nintendo store, change the owner's profile name and even make a purchase.

All of this was caught on a YouTube live stream by YouTuber Mutekimaru, who runs a popular gaming channel that features videos of their pet fish "playing" video games.

Mutekimaru installed motion detectors and programmed motion detector software to track the fish's movements to play a series of Pokémon games.

This enables the fish to control the consoles it is "playing" remotely.

However, on Jan. 15, Mutekimaru tweeted that during a live stream of the fish playing Pokémon, the game crashed, and it somehow led to the fish spending 500 yen (S$5) on the Nintendo e-shop, as well as downloading a new game.

Mutekimaru uploaded a nine-minute video on YouTube showing how the fish made the purchase.

Fish hijacked the account

When the game unexpectedly crashed, the fish took over and made the executive decision to change the name of the owner's account.

The fish changed its name from "Mutekimaru" to "ROWAWAWAWA¥".

From there, the fish's movements led it to boot up the Nintendo e-store, where it read a few legal documents like the terms of services and the Intellectual Property Notation in English, Act on Specified Commercial Transactions and Payment Methods.

Fish spends 500 yen

A series of fluke events then occurred sequentially.

In the Nintendo e-store, the fish brought up the owner's payment details and exposed the owner's credit card details to its viewers.

The fish also launched the PayPal account set-up, which led to the fish sending an e-mail to its owner asking them to set up a PayPal account to purchase items from the Nintendo e-store.

From there, the fish topped up 500 yen (S$5) to their owner's Nintendo account using the owner's credit card.

Mutekimaru slowed down the clip of the fish's movement, detailing how the fish swam and pressed the right button, which led to the cursor moving on the payment screen to confirm the payment.

However, the fish flipped its body, which usually temporarily erased the judgement of the motion recognition, Mutekimaru wrote in the video's caption.

At the same time, the system registered that movement as the "A button", which then confirmed the purchase.

Mutekimaru even received an invoice from Nintendo regarding the purchase.

"Have any of these people ever had their credit card used by a pet fish?" Mutekimaru wrote in the captions of his video.

Logged in and earned points

As if the fish did not do enough damage, it logged in to Mutekimaru's Nintendo Switch Online profile and collected points.

The fish then went to spend some points on character customisation and changed Mutekimaru's avatar.

Finally, the fish must have been tired of playing Pokémon.

It downloaded 64 Nintendo Switch Online.

Asked for a refund

After the fish's whole endeavour, Mutekimaru visited Nintendo's inquiry desk in hopes of receiving a refund.

As a reason for requesting a refund, Mutekimaru linked his tweet and wrote: "I am very sorry, but is it possible to get a refund for items purchased in error by my pet fish?"

Twitter's reaction

The tweet blew up on Twitter as many found the situation hilarious.

Top photo from Mutekimaru's Twitter and YouTube.