Lawrence Wong tell kids in S'pore to chase their dreams as they begin first day of school

Some kids from MOE Kindergarten shared what they wanted to be when they grow up.

Alfie Kwa | January 03, 2023, 04:31 PM

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It's a brand new year and a new school term is here.

Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Lawrence Wong wished children in Singapore a "happy first week of school" in a 55-second video on his Facebook, Instagram and TikTok accounts.

"Life-long calling in the public service"

In the video, Wong shared that growing up, he never thought of what he wanted to be when he was older.

But from a young age, he said he was taught to be "conscientious, responsible and to put my best foot forward in everything I do".

He added: "That mindset has led me to a life-long calling in (the) public service."

"chase your dreams"

No matter what you want to be, keep chasing your dreams, Wong, reminded Singaporean children.

He encouraged them to find passion in whatever they do and keep learning and improving.

"All the very best in the new school year ahead," the former education minister ended off.

Kids share what they want to be when they grow up

In the last 15 seconds of the video, some kids from an MOE Kindergarten were asked what they wanted to be when they grow up.

Amongst the responses, one boy wanted to be an engineer and another, a soccer player.

Other kids said they wanted to be a doctor, a ballerina, a kite-flyer and so on.

One of them initially didn't know what he wanted to be but later said he wanted to be a racecar driver.

Check out the full video here:

All screenshots taken from Lawrence Wong/FB.