Men, aged 29 & 64, assisting with police investigations after 'verbal threats' made at Lau Pa Sat Cheers outlet

The incident happened on Jan. 1.

Lee Wei Lin | January 02, 2023, 03:40 PM

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The Singapore Police Force (SPF) is investigating an incident following a dispute at a Cheers outlet located at Lau Pa Sat on Jan. 1.

They were alerted to the incident at 8:05pm. Two men, aged 29 and 64, are assisting with police investigations.

What happened

Five videos were uploaded by TikTok user @confederateginger, also known as Jonathan.

In the first, Jonathan claimed that a "drunk" man entered the store, "caused trouble, used f word" and claimed to be a police officer.

When police officers asked him for his identification, he asked, "Why do you need my ID?"

@confederateginger #fyp #viral #singapore ♬ original sound - Jonathan

"I'm a staff here, so I have no... I am protected by my boss' camera, so I don't need to give my ID. I never do anything wrong," he added.

According to Section 65 of the Criminal Procedure Code 2010:

"A police officer may arrest any person who is accused of committing, or who commits in the view or presence of the police officer, a non-arrestable offence if, on the demand of the police officer, the person refuses to give his or her name and residential address."

An officer asked Jonathan if he mentioned the word "Bangladesh" during his conversation with the other man, who was not captured in the video.

Jonathan confirmed this, and said he did so because "he play the race card first".

He also told police: "There's something called false report. Before you investigate me, you should investigate him for the false report first."

After an officer flipped the sign on the door from 'Open' to 'Closed', Jonathan flipped it back and said: "Eh no, no, no. No such thing ah. There's no disrupting of business just 'cos of police business."

@confederateginger #fyp #viral #singapore ♬ original sound - Jonathan

An officer explained that he was manning the store alone, and would therefore face interruptions if customers kept entering.

When an officer told a customer to come back later as the store was closed, Jonathan told the person to "come in".

In his third video, Jonathan said he had produced his identity card (IC) and would "viral this on TikTok".

@confederateginger♬ original sound - Jonathan

When an officer stated that they had given him "more than three warnings", Jonathan claimed: "I was verifying as to why my IC has to be given and they now threaten to arrest me. I was verifying and then I provide my IC once they give me the... they said that I have to."

He further alleged that he was not sure if officers were "following SOP (standard operating procedure)" and made reference to "recent corrupt cases of SPF" and that he has "news articles backing up [his] claim".

Jonathan was heard in the videos questioning police about various matters, including why the store had to be closed.

Investigations ongoing

The SPF told Mothership that preliminary investigations revealed that comments about race and nationality, and verbal threats, were allegedly exchanged prior to the police's arrival.

No injuries were reported.

Police investigations are ongoing.

Top images by @confederateginger on TikTok & Steve Teo via Google Maps