2 S'pore men claim JB masseuses touched their nether regions against their will

One man was allegedly asked if he was gay when he did not respond to the advances.

Belmont Lay | January 25, 2023, 04:58 PM

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Two men from Singapore went to a massage parlour in Johor Bahru and claimed they were propositioned and touched inappropriately against their will.

The incident was first surfaced in a TikTok video, and was subsequently reported by Shin Min Daily News.

According to Shin Min, the incident took place at Taman Pelangi about two weeks ago.

Taman Pelangi is a popular haunt frequented by Singaporeans as it is a 20-minute drive away from the Causeway.

What TikTok showed

The person behind the TikTok account accused the massage parlour's staff of peddling services that go beyond usual massages, and claimed that two men were violated after their nether regions were touched by staff.

One of the men who was allegedly touched against his will even had his sexuality questioned, as he was apparently not responsive to the masseuse's advances.

The masseuse also allegedly asked inappropriate questions and then peeked into his underwear.

Feeling uncomfortable, the man was said to have requested to end the session early.

The man allegedly broke down and cried after the incident, according to the TikTok video.

The TikToker also claimed that extra services of a sexual nature were offered to "every guy", hinting that it was a group that had gone to the massage parlour.

A photo of the masseuse who allegedly touched the man was shown in the video.

The accusations went as far as calling out the massage parlour's manager and owner, who were allegedly unapologetic after the customers complained.

The TikToker claimed that the manager offered a discount after the men complained.

Massage parlour responds

A spokesperson for the massage parlour told Shin Min the incident likely took place two weeks ago, when about eight or nine people, who appeared to be in their 20s, turned up to ask for a massage at around 12am.

They were informed that the massage parlour was already full at that time, but they said they were willing to wait until about 2am for their turn, the spokesperson said.

They added that they are unable to address the allegations as there are no surveillance cameras in the massage parlour booths, and they can only rely on the statements provided by the accusers and their staff.

In its defence, the spokesperson said the massage parlour has been operating for more than 10 years, and they warn staff found to be providing sexual services.

To further address the accusations, the masseuse who was accused of wanting to impose her sexual services on the man claimed that the customer she was massaging was "dressed like a woman", and that it was not possible that she would have offered any "special services".

The masseuse claimed that she only asked if the customer liked men or women.

Shin Min reported that the owner of the massage parlour admitted to being at the store when the incident happened, but said the customers demanded to see his personal identification card.

He refused as it is a "very important document".

He then asked the other party to make a police report, and said he would show his identification card at the police station.

The spokesperson added that the massage parlour proprietor has approached lawyers for advice after the accusations against the business were made, as it has caused their reputation to be negatively affected.

They also denied the claim that the manager offered a discount, explaining that no refund will be given as the customers did receive the massage.

Moreover, in the event something illegal occurred, the matter will be settled according to the law, the spokesperson said.

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