55 out of 120 perfect IB results scorers worldwide are from S'pore

Better than the global average.

Matthias Ang | January 03, 2023, 08:42 PM

Nearly half of the students who attained perfect scores for their International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma examinations are from Singapore, The Straits Times (ST) reported.

In total, 55 out of 120 perfect scorers worldwide are from Singapore. A perfect IB score is to attain 45 points out of the total 45 points.

In addition, the average IB examination score for Singapore was 39.5 out of 45.

In comparison, the global average score was 30.9, while the average for the Asia-Pacific region was 35.6.

Over 2,000 students took the IB exams in Singapore

A total of 2,276 students in Singapore received their results on Jan. 3, out of 18,174 candidates who took the examinations worldwide, ST further reported.

98.8 per cent of the students in Singapore passed the examinations, compared to a rate of 81.7 per cent globally and an average of 92.5 per cent within the Asia-Pacific region.

The examinations were conducted across 21 schools in Singapore, including Anglo-Chinese School Independent, St Joseph’s Institution, Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah and Singapore Sports School, among others.

ST highlighted the following statistics:

  • All 440 students at Anglo-Chinese School Independent passed the examination. The average score was 41.8 points, with a majority of the students — 369 of them — obtaining 40 points and above.
  • All 266 IB students at St Joseph's Institution also passed. The average score was 41 points with 205 of them obtaining 40 points and above.
  • At St Joseph's Institution International, the cohort of 198 students scored an average of 39 points with 50.5 per cent of them obtaining 40 points and above.

IB Director General says students have shown 'incredible resilience'

The release of the results also saw a statement issued by the Director General of the IB, Olli Pekka Heinonen, praising students for the "incredible resilience" that they had shown throughout the pandemic.

Heinonen said:

"It is imperative to remember that in simply getting to this point, IB students have had to show incredible resilience throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. The global crisis threw up many challenges for them to overcome, and I am proud of every single IB student completing their courses today. For everyone in the IB family, today is a day for both celebration and reflection."

The IB further highlighted that the vast majority of students were able to sit for the examinations, with adaptations made to address the impact of the pandemic.

Top photo via ACS International - Singapore Facebook