Fire breaks out at Bedok Reservoir View resulting in 20 residents evacuated

No injuries were reported.

Ruth Chai | January 16, 2023, 02:10 PM

A fire broke out in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday, Jan. 15 at Block 773 Bedok Reservoir View, resulting in 20 people being evacuated by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) as a precautionary measure.

There were no reported injuries.

Responding to queries from Mothership, SCDF said it was alerted to the fire at 5:20am.

The flames were promptly extinguished with a water jet.

The SCDF said the cause of the fire is unknown and investigations are currently underway.

East Coast Group Representation Constituency Member of Parliament Tan Kiat How said in a Facebook post that he subsequently visited the affected family, who looked visibly shaken after the ordeal.

Tan wrote that the fire was caused due to a camera battery pack catching fire.

The SCDF stated that the fire stemmed from a bedroom on the second floor.

Tan applauded the family and neighbour's quick thinking and swift action. He said he was relieved that the fire did not spread beyond the unit.

Tan also shared that the family were especially worried and vulnerable since a family member was a stroke patient and required assistance to move around.

The East Coast Town council also ensured that power and water were quickly restored, and proceeded to clean the unit.

The family has also received temporary accommodation.

"I was also glad to see the strong Kampong spirit," Tan wrote in his Facebook post, as residents of the area chipped in to assist the family in need. 

Top photo via Tan Kiat How's Facebook