2 women, driver, 47 & passenger, 36, taken to hospital after drifting Lancer & BMW SUV CTE accident

The Mitsubishi Lancer turned turtle.

Belmont Lay | January 31, 2023, 04:13 PM

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Two women were conveyed conscious to the hospital after an accident involving a Mitsubishi Lancer and BMW sports utility vehicle along the Central Expressway on Jan. 30 evening.

The Singapore police said they were alerted to an accident involving two cars along CTE towards Seletar Expressway at 6:46pm.

A 47-year-old female driver and her 36-year-old female passenger were conveyed conscious to the hospital.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force said two persons were taken to Sengkang General Hospital following the accident after Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 exit.

Police investigations are ongoing.

Front dashboard and rear cameras of another vehicle travelling along the expressway at that time recorded footage of the incident.

The car that recorded the videos appeared to have narrowly escaped getting hit by the Mitsubishi Lancer that drifted, crashed, and turned turtle, as well as the BMW SUV that appeared to have lost control as it drifted wildly across four lanes of the expressway

The video was uploaded online.

What video showed

Based on the video, the Mitsubishi Lancer had attempted to overtake on the second left-most lane to filter to the the second right-most lane.

But it failed to execute the lane change as a BMW SUV was at the same time filtering from the right-most lane to the second right-most lane.

The Mitsubishi Lancer could not stay on the second-left most lane as the car recording the incident was in front of it.

A lorry was also travelling on the left-most lane at that time.

Both the Mitsubishi Lancer and BMW SUV drifted after braking and narrowly missing the car that was recording the scene.

The Mitsubishi Lancer hit the expressway guard rails on the left and turned turtle.

The BMW SUV bounced off the left-most lane guard rails, swung to the right-most lane guard rails, before swinging back again -- as it managed to avoid side-swiping any other vehicles on the road.

Prior to the accident, a red Volkswagen Scirocco was also caught on video travelling on the left-most lane behind the Mitsubishi Lancer, as both cars appeared to be overtaking on the left.

According to the video's caption, the accident caused a massive traffic jam along the expressway on Monday evening.

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