China woman, 32, goes on over 100 dates after breaking up with ex-boyfriend of 8 years & losing job

Baozhuzi firmly believes that everyone should set their own timelines, especially when it comes to love and marriage.

Winnie Li | January 03, 2023, 05:12 PM

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A 32-year-old female blogger in China, who goes by the alias "Baozhuzi", has recently gone viral on Weibo for going on a blind date with more than 100 people, according to the Chinese news outlet, Netease.

She decided to embark on her busy dating schedule two weeks after her ex-boyfriend of eight years broke up with her at the end of 2021. She was also laid off from her job around the same time, which cut her off from her social circles.

To put herself back on track, Baozhuzi has set up more than 100 dates via an online dating app and would meet up to three people in one day.

Image via Weibo

Making progress amidst pressure

When asked whether she was anxious about dating again as a 32-year-old, Baozhuzi shared that her main concern is a biological one.

As China considers 35 years old as an advanced maternal age for women, she is worried that she might no longer be physically fittest to fulfil her dream of becoming a mother of two.

Image via Weibo

Luckily, Baozhuzi is now one step closer to achieving her goal of having her first child by the age of 35 as she has found her special someone.

Her boyfriend is one year younger than her and is planning to start his own business in the future.

Looking back on her journey, Baozhuzi firmly believes that age is not a constraint and that everyone should set their own timelines, especially when it comes to love and marriage.

"You might believe that you ought to give birth by the age of 35 or start to plan for your retirement when you reach 45. But all of these [expectations] are imposed by society. Everyone's timelines are different."

"If you simply follow what others tell you to do with your life, you are living yours the wrong way. My story shows that you are your own ultimate source of confidence. There are no fixed rules that says you must do something when you reach 30. Don't live a life of regrets."

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She also shares her takeaway from her turbulent 2021 with her audiences:

"Learning to accept [that bad things may happen when we least expect it] is our only option. The earlier we realise this, the better we will be able to live our lives. You would need to accept that one day, your lover may leave you, and your job may vanish. But you must believe that you can move on and move forward."

Mixed reactions

Weibo users have mixed feelings about Baozhuzi's story.

Many voiced their support by echoing her sentiment that women should have the right to remain single and not feel pressured into marriage just because society expects them to or categorises them as "leftover women".


User @Mengsite:

"First, 32 is still a young age, and people should not waste their youth on meaningless things. As compared to continuing dating someone who is unsuitable for you, ending such a relationship now is actually something worth celebrating. Second, as we are approaching the lunar year-end, many talks about rushing women into marriage and discussions surrounding "leftover women" will emerge. [I hope] everyone can just be themselves and not feel pressured."

User @Toutingrenjian:

"We don't need to 'settle for less' [just because society expects us to marry sooner]. The price to be paid for an unhappy marriage is much higher than that of staying single. Furthermore, it's not a crime for women not to get married, is it? Singlehood can be joyful too".

Others, however, believe that Baozhuzi's continuous effort to find her Mr Right only implies that there is something unappealing about her.


User @Wujiongnan:

"One would never need to worry about not being able to sell high-quality goods. Those that have difficulties securing a buyer typically have some issues with their quality (except for artworks)".

Top image from Netease's Weibo page.