Some feel S'pore Chinatown CNY rabbit mascot looks like it's relieving itself, splits opinion


Lee Wei Lin | January 02, 2023, 10:47 PM

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Chinatown is ready for Chinese New Year, with most of its decorations put up shortly after Christmas.

Photo by Ye Yanxian via 8world

However, one decorative item in particular has caused a bit of a stir because of its posture:

Photo via 8world

According to 8world, the person who first posted the photo of the rabbit said it appeared "awkward" because it "looks like it's taking a dump".

A 55-year-old photography enthusiast told the Chinese news outlet that the bunny looks like it's "squatting over the toilet".

Covered up

It seems that the complaints have been heard, as a more recent photo of the rabbit shows that is now partially obscured.

Photo by Ye Yanxian via 8world

Not everyone had complaints about the rabbit, however, as 8world quoted a 63-year-old as saying that rabbits' feet look like that.

They continued, "It looks like a rabbit because [its legs] are curved. If it was standing straight, people would complain too."

Top photo by Ye Yanxian via 8world