UK YouTubers on S'pore as safest country: No one robbed guy passed out drunk, but no one helped

Pretty much sums up Singapore.

Ashley Tan | January 31, 2023, 05:20 PM

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One thing Singaporeans can be proud of the country, aside from architectural marvels like Jewel Changi and Gardens by the Bay, is how truly safe it is here.

Residents can walk home in the wee hours of the night without the fear of being robbed, or worse.

Laptop left at Starbucks? No fear

This fact is something foreigners and tourists alike have come to appreciate about our tiny island.

In October 2022, Uptin Saiidi, an American journalist and video content creator, conducted an experiment by leaving his laptop unattended at a Starbucks in Singapore for an hour.

He returned to find his laptop in the exact same spot. As he shared about the experiment in a TikTok video, Saiidi lauded Singapore's low crime rates, and cited extensive camera surveillance and how basic needs of most residents are met as reasons for this.

The video has since racked up an impressive 29.5 million views and 4.1 million likes.

@uptin♬ original sound - Uptin

Passed out outside the club

More recently in November, the country's unparalleled safety was mentioned once again in a short clip of a podcast episode posted to TikTok.

The podcast is hosted by British YouTubers Simon Minter and Andrew John Shane, who go by the online names "miniminter" and "randolphuk" respectively. The episode also featured another YouTuber, Vikram Singh Barn, who goes by "Vikkstar123".

@whatsgoodcast Why Singapore is the safest country in the world! 😳 #WhatsGood #Travel #Facts #Vikkstar123 ♬ original sound - What’s Good Podcast

"Singapore. Is that the place that's really safe?" Shane asks, and highlights Saiidi's experiment.

Barn shared that his previous visit to Singapore "felt really really safe", and proceeds to recount how he witnessed a man drunk and passed out outside the club.

Although the man was unconscious on the ground for hours with his phone, nobody robbed him, Barn said.

"There were people just like passed out on the side of the street and no one robbed him. Like come out the club, went too crazy. Passed out.

One guy with like his phone just in front of him. And we went into the club, came out like four hours later, he's still lying there with his phone in front of him. No one will take it."

Minter, laughing at the incident, pointed out that although the man was lying there for four hours, no one helped.

"No one robbed him, but no one helped."

Pretty accurate description of Singapore.


Singaporeans flooded the comments section of the video.

With some deciding to warn the YouTubers about a certain part of the country.

Top photo from whatsgoodcast / TikTok