Police looking into Boon Keng brawl involving at least 8 boys punching & kicking one another

Meanwhile, someone in the background just wanted to shoot some hoops.

Andrew Koay | January 15, 2023, 12:11 PM

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Singapore police are looking into the matter of a brawl between at least eight boys.

Based on a video circulating online, the incident appears to have taken place at a basketball court in Boon Keng, and saw the combatants throwing punches and kicks — sometimes aimed at already downed opponents.

The context of the fight was not immediately clear, though the two-minute clip starts with just two boys fighting while a large group watches on.

After one of the boys — dressed in black with the number 15 printed on his back — throws a kick that sends his rival in white scurrying, another boy interrupts by shoving him.

Interference leads to arguments and more fighting

This sparks a heated argument between a portly gentleman in an olive green t-shirt and another boy, presumably over the interference.

Eventually, violence erupts again when Number 15 t-shirt gets floored by a hard kick to his legs.

His black-hoodied assailant starts raining punches from above.

The boy in white, who had previously retreated to safety, scampers back into the affray and delivers a kick to the face of Number 15.

Brawl spins off into two separate fights

This sequence sets in motion a larger brawl as two of Number 15's friends — including the boy in olive — come to his aid.

The brawling then splits into at least two separate conflicts, one involving the olive-clad boy exchanging blows and vulgarities with a foe in a brighter green top.

As the camera pans erratically around, four other boys can be seen shoving, kicking, and punching each other.

The fighting dissipates in under a minute and the video ends with two boys chest to chest and arguing.

Meanwhile, in the background, one individual could be seen just trying to get some basketball practice in.

Responding to queries from Mothership, police confirmed that a report had been lodged.

Top image via social media