Bangladeshi worker sent home 2 weeks after arriving in S'pore due to tuberculosis, public raises money to cover costs

He had taken on loans to come and work in Singapore.

Matthias Ang | January 06, 2023, 04:04 PM

A Bangladeshi worker, who is under the age of 21, was sent back to his home country on Jan. 5, two weeks after arriving in Singapore.

According to a Facebook post by ItsRainingRaincoats, a local initiative, the worker had been diagnosed with tuberculosis and was scheduled to be "abruptly" sent back to Bangladesh at 5pm on Jan. 5.

Took loans to come to Singapore to work

In highlighting the initial precariousness of his situation, ItsRainingRaincoats added that the worker had taken on "huge" loans to fund his passage and pay for his agency fees to work in Singapore.

Being sent back meant that he would not have the chance to repay the loans.

The non-governmental organisation further highlighted that the worker had also not opened a bank account as he had only just arrived and "barely" spoke English.

Heard about his case a few hours before departure

The NGO said they eventually heard about his situation, a few hours before he was due to leave Singapore.

ItsRainingRaincoats said:

"Many of us are also parents to young children and young adults and could empathise with the cruel fate that had befallen this young worker. If our child ever needed help in a strange land, we would hope someone will come forward to offer assistance.

So we did."

The NGO added that through its network, it was able to quickly raise sufficient funds to help the worker repay the loans he had taken, within the space of two hours.

One of the team members then headed down to Changi Airport in a taxi to pass the worker the money "minutes" before he passed through immigration to get his flight.

In thanking everyone who contributed, ItsRainingRaincoats said:

"Thanks to all who responded so swiftly and decisively, this worker departed Singapore not with broken dreams but with a renewed sense of hope for a better future. Our faith in humanity was certainly renewed and restored."

Mothership has reached out to ItsRainingRaincoats for more information on the matter.

Top photo via ItsRainingRaincoats/Facebook