YouTubers draw mixed reactions for filming themselves drunk in Night Safari S'pore

It's not clear whether any of the actions in the video were illegal or in breach of the Night Safari's entry conditions.

Nigel Chua | December 31, 2022, 05:02 PM

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[UPDATE on Dec. 31 at 9:25pm: this article has been updated with a statement from Mandai Wildlife Group.]

A group of visitors to Singapore visited the Night Safari and documented their visit in a TikTok video.

It could have been an otherwise-unremarkable tourist jaunt, except that the group decided to engage in a spot of drunken revelry.

Their various rabble-rousing acts included getting off a tram in the midst of a guided ride, supposedly entering animal enclosures, and attempting (but failing) to drunkenly climb up a rock face.

The Oct. 26 video, accompanied by the caption "We got drunk and went to an animal safari in Singapore 😂", drew mixed responses.

Commenters warn of jail, caning for offenders

Some commenters, presumably those acquainted with Singapore, cautioned the group against legal repercussions, citing the possibility of jail and caning among the punishments meted out for misbehaviour in public.

"Not something to do in Singapore but okay," remarked one user.

Another made a reference to Ralph Wee, a teenager who trespassed into a rhino enclosure among other illegal acts, and was sentenced to a year of reformative training.

Others tagged the Singapore Police Force, and Mandai Wildlife Reserve, which manages the Night Safari and other wildlife parks.

But there were also commenters who reacted favourably to the group's apparent chemistry, tagging their friends and saying they too, wanted to attempt similar exploits.

Still others were cynical about the group's supposed drunken exploits, and curious about what exactly happened.

What happened in the video

The group, which uses the moniker "@4funguys"/"@4funguys_" on YouTube and TikTok, apparently raided a convenience store, purchasing soju.

They proceeded to the Night Safari, and drank the soju straight from the bottle before heading into the park.

The soju bottles are not seen in the video after this point.

Group "jumps off tram" at "2am"

According to the in-video captions, the group apparently "jumps off" the Night Safari tram with a guided tour still ongoing.

The time that this takes place is stated as 2am, and a guide can be heard speaking in the background.

However, the Night Safari's last entry is at 11:15pm, and the park itself closes at midnight daily.

"We're dead*ss in the middle of this animal exhibit where there's no cages on anything," one of them remarks, before the video cuts to one of them reaching out to touch a sleeping marsupial.

It is possible that the group were in fact exploring a "free-ranging exhibit" in the Night Safari, the Wallaby Trail.

The wallaby exhibit allows visitors to walk into the enclosure where the creatures are free-roaming. However, visitors are guided along a pathway with railings through the exhibit.

Screenshot via Wallaby Trail page on Night Safari website.

The video continues to create the impression of the group running wild in an animal safari, which could potentially be alarming to those who may not be acquainted with Singapore's Night Safari concept, where most animals are in fact in enclosures.

The group also supposedly have an encounter with a hyena.

A voice behind the camera says, "Bro, that's a hyena, with no fence."

Another calls out to the animal saying "come here buddy", while extending a potato chip.

The group also film each other trying to clamber up a rock face that is several metres high, with one sustaining minor scrapes in the process.

Did the group breach any entry conditions, rules, or regulations?

Mandai Wildlife Reserve's Park Admissions Terms and Conditions have a section titled "Behaviour in the Parks".

The section lists various examples of "undesirable conduct" that could lead to a visitor being asked to leave without refund or compensation.

Consumption of alcohol is not on the list, though it is stated that visitors can be asked to leave if their behaviour causes "danger or upset to any other person", damage to property, or is disruptive.

Mothership reached out to Mandai Wildlife Group for comments on whether the visitors breached any of the Park Admissions Terms and Conditions, or any other rules and regulations.

In reply, Mandai Wildlife Group said the animals at the park are well, and that it has filed a police report over the TikTok.

Here’s their reply in full:

“The welfare of our animals featured was our first priority when this video began circulating, and they are all well. We can also verify that our animals retire for the night to secure off-exhibit rest areas, and the lights in our parks are switched off after operating hours.

Acts of trespassing and the intent to disrespect or endanger the animals in our care are viewed seriously and we will not hesitate to take action. We have lodged a police report.

The video could lead to irresponsible behaviours that put both the perpetrators and potential copycats in danger. We thank the many tiktokers out there who have called on the sensibilities of the social community and discouraged copycat acts which can put lives in danger.

To the millions of guests who have visited our parks, appreciated and shown our animals respect, we thank you for your graciousness and support.”

You can view the video on TikTok here.

Top image via 4guys on TikTok