Xiaxue gives honest take on Jay Chou's S'pore concert: He's 'super lazy' but still holds the best concerts

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Mandy How | December 23, 2022, 12:40 PM

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Jay chou's concert over the weekend of Dec. 17 and 18 has created quite the buzz among fans in Singapore—and not in a good way.

While a number of concert-goers went away from the experience upset and disappointed, influencer Xiaxue gave a rather balanced take on the experience after attending the first show.

Xiaxue, who is a long-time fan, listed both the good and not-so-good from Chou's performance.

The influencer highlighted issues that other attendees had also raised: Chou mixing up the lyrics, not singing as much as he should have and instead asking his guests performers to do so, as well as a lacklustre sound system.

She added that fans should be prepared for the singer being "super lazy", where he even had a clown perform magic on stage as part of the entertainment.

On the flip side, what Chou lacks in vocals, he made up for with effects and theatrics, in addition to a strong theme or "storyline" for his tracks.

Anyway, the influencer pointed out, Chou was never known for his vocal prowess in the first place, but rather his talent for composing catchy and memorable songs that concert-goers get to hear live, inducing the nostalgia factor for many of his evergreen hits.

There was also a lot of audience involvement, although that may not be what everyone was there for.

Her verdict? Chou's concerts are still the best for her, among all the other ones she's attended.

She wrote: "Just don't expect a lot of Jay Chou lah think of it as a KTV session with a lot of excited people singing with you and [you] will love the concert."

In any case, Chou did not appear too perturbed by the comments (not online at least), although his concert organiser did apologise for the faulty lightsticks.

The day after his second show, the singer uploaded snaps of himself playing pool, with the caption "Relaxing for a bit."

When the singer bade farewell to Singapore on Dec. 21, his post was similarly met with a barrage of comments both defending and criticising him.

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One of the fans wrote:

"You didn't even bother to address the concerns brought up by so many unhappy fans, but continue to post such inconsequential things. This heck-care attitude is really disappointing to those who support you."

Top image via Jay Chou's and Xiaxue's Instagram pages